3 business days of receiving a secure conversion loan… 7966 cases, 747.3 billion applications won | random news

Cumulative request amount, 3% of the total supply of KRW 25 trillion

Conversion of variable interest rates to fixed interest rates of ‘minimum 3.7% per annum’

Secure ‘low 3.7% p.a., long-term, fixed rate’ conversion loan application from tomorrow

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Hyun-woo Shin = Korean houses in Jung-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 14th, a day before the application for and acceptance of a favorable safe conversion loan that converts variable rate mortgages held by ordinary people and owners beneficial to long-term fixed interest rates of at least 3.7% per annum There is a notice regarding the safe conversion loan in the Seoul Central Branch of the Financial Corporation. 2022.9.14 nowwego@yna.co.kr

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Min Seon-hee = It was calculated that 747.3 billion applications were applied for and won by the third day of application for a favorable secured conversion loan that converts a variable rate mortgage loan into a long-term fixed interest rate loan of 3.7 % per year at least.

The Korea Housing Finance Corporation announced on the 20th that 7,966 cases of favorable secured conversion loans were received over the three trading days until the previous day.

The accumulated handling amount is about 747.3 billion won, which is about 3% of the 25 trillion supply of safe conversion loans.

By window, 449 cases (393.9 billion won) were made through Korea Housing Finance Corporation’s website and app, and 3,917 cases (3,534 cases) were received from the app and sales channels of the six major banks including Kookmin, Shinhan, Nonghyup, Woori, Hana, and IBK. billion).

Status of Secured Conversion Loan Application
Status of Secured Conversion Loan Application

[주택금융공사 제공. 재판매 및 DB 금지]

The Secured Conversion Loan is a product that replaces the variable and mixed interest rate mortgage loan received from the first and second financial institutions with a long term fixed rate policy mortgage of 3% or more from the principal depositor in order to easing the financial burden on mortgage borrowers during the period when interest rates are rising.

The interest rate of the loan is 3.8% (10 years) to 4.0% (30 years) per annum, and 3.7% (10 years) to 3.9% (30 years) for low income youth (aged 39 or younger, income less than 60 age). million earns) per year. .

Single-family homeowners with a married couple’s combined income of 70 million or less and a house price of 400 million won or less can apply, and can borrow up to 250 million won within the current loan balance.

The application period varies depending on the price of the house. You can apply for a house price of up to 300 million won in the first round (September 15-30) and up to 400 million won in the second round (October 6-17).

As the date of application for membership differs according to the last digit of the year of birth in the resident’s registration number, it is necessary to check the application date for each year of birth.

For example, on the 19th, only those with the last digit of the year of birth ‘1’ and ‘6’ could apply. On this day, only those with the last digits ‘2’ and ‘7’ of the year of birth can apply. . However, on the 29th and 30th of the month, the day system is not applied.

The application window also differs depending on the current main handling agency. The main lenders of the six main banks accept applications from the online website of the existing lending banks or in branch offices. For other banks or secondary financial institutions, you can apply through the Jugeumgong website or app.

An official of Joo Geumgong said, “The early repayment fee is waived not only when a secured conversion loan replaces an existing loan, but also when a secured conversion loan is replaced by another loan.” We recommend that you take advantage of the opportunity to use the conversion loan.”


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