3 close relatives died in 3 years, Li Lirui served as a funeral master to heal others

3 close relatives died in 3 years, Li Lirui served as a funeral master to heal others

Li Lirui (Sara), who has been a DJ for many years, has recently been interviewed for the charity Don’t forget Love, promoting life education, and introducing organizations to help families deal with the funeral of the deceased.

During the week, Kai Mi is the host of the Hong Kong and Taiwan program “Crazy Show Happy People”, and the laughter is endless. Li Lirui’s 180-degree transformation came to be related to her life experience. Sara lost her father, sister and aunt in the last three years. She left her sister first. Sara was introduced by a friend, and held a funeral in accordance with her sister’s wishes. Three years ago, I was introduced by a friend, and I held a funeral in accordance with my sister’s wishes. During the process, I felt the support of the organization for my family members, and I became a volunteer. Later, she had to deal with family funerals again and again, and Sara was more determined to promote the “Ode to Life” service, and became Ode to Life, that is, the funeral director.

Li Lirui has many years of experience presiding in front of the screen, but in the post she wrote for Unforgettable Love, she said that she is not good at conducting funerals. “I am good at creating an atmosphere at festive events, and the atmosphere of life’s praise must be serious, serious, and serious. I would like to thank the Wu team Don’t forget Ai for giving me guidance and confidence, by allow me to learn by doing.” Sara’s status as an artist also helps her work, and some family members know her, which makes the whole process smoother. The deceased even loved Sara very much during his life. The family invited him to sing “Really Love You” on stage, and Sara agreed without saying a word.

Currently, Sara is not only a master of ceremonies for funerals, but also provides grief counselling, and hopes to promote life self-management through life and death education, and will also consider funeral planning in the future. Because this job is full of impermanence in life, Sara has also made a will.

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