3 dead, an official wounded after shooting in northern Minnesota - Single Cities

Three people killed and injured the syringe in shooting Thursday night in Nevis, Minn.

The deputies of Hubbard County responded to a call of 911 calls to report early 8 p.m. a house in the 100 blocks of Paul Bunyan Trail. A woman's body was found outside the town, and the suspect of armed in her vehicle fled, according to the Hubbard County quarry office, said the second victim, who was still fatal, remained in the vehicle.

The dealers saw the vehicle north of Nevis and continued it for about 20 minutes, when the person was upset by delegates, hitting one. The suspect was suddenly badly found out of the vehicle and killed after exchanging fire with deputies, said the Sheriff Office.

The injured hospital was treated and released.

The names of the three killed and the suspected candidate still notice release. The Criminal Understanding Bureau is investigating the shooting of the office.

Nevis is about 12 miles east of Park Rapids, Minn.

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