3 people died in the money circle within 1 month! Russian cryptocurrency entrepreneur dies in a plane crash

Reporter Peng Qiaozhen / comprehensive report

The global money cycle has been very turbulent recently, and in addition to the series of scandals, big names have died one after the other. Russian cryptocurrency platform “Libertex” and “Forex Club” (Forex Club) co-founder Vyacheslav Taran died in a helicopter crash on the 25. The unexpected news shocked everyone.

Russian cryptocurrency entrepreneur Taran dies in plane crash (Photo / Reposted from Twitter)

According to the “New York Post” report, Taran, aged 53, was about to fly from Switzerland to Monaco on the 25th. Unexpectedly, the single engine H130 helicopter he was taking crashed near Villefranche-sur-Mer , France. He and the 35-year-old French pilot died at the scene. The Russian embassy in Paris confirmed his death on the 28th. The cause of the accident is still under investigation. The French authorities said that the weather was quite sunny that day and there was no possibility of homicide, but the negligence of a third party could not have dismiss you

And Talan is already the third cryptocurrency entrepreneur to die in the last month. First, American MakerDAO co-founder 23-year-old Nikolai Mushegian drowned on October 23; Financial service provider “Amber Group”, died suddenly in his sleep on November 23. The unfortunate news came one after the other, which made people feel a little creepy while regretting.

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