3 quality bands, The Power Band Year 2 champions

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Study Report : 3 Quality Bands, Champ The Power Band, Year 2

Opening music power battle. Intense cutting skills for the music competition THE POWER BAND 2022 Season 2 End under the concept DREAM IT, DO IT Dare to dream! Dare to do! arranged by King Power Group along with Mahidol University College of Music and music camp Muzik Move, Smallroom, LOVEiS Entertainment, What The Duck a Warner Music Thailand

All of the bands that reached this year’s finals have leveraged their skill in composing and composing music elements. which includes various gimmicks and a unique singing style Come and show your full potential.

For the winning band the Class A high school categories are: Mosor Band, Chaloem Phrakiat Somdet Phra Srinagarindra School, Phuket Phuket receives a trophy of honor and a cash prize of 150,000 baht, and Benyapha Kongdee The representatives of the Mosor band said we were happy. and very proud to have successfully won the championship for the people of Phuket The team has never competed in a musical competition on a national stage like this before. be considered as the first step and an important milestone for the band that drives everyone in the team to be ready to follow their dreams After this there is a plan to continue. Is to start making more music in a variety of genres and update the work on YouTube to continuously develop skills

“Invite those who love music to apply to compete on THE POWER BAND stage next year. Rest assured that, in addition to good experiences, you will also gain friendship from friends from all bands that take part in the competition.

The group that won the award Types of the public, no age limit, Class B, incl Jazz Passion Band receive a trophy and a cash prize of 150,000 baht to win by Suphatsara Seesud Berlin The Jazz Passion representative said, We were older people and younger children at the school. who have the same love for music So they decided to form a band together. In the school’s international band club and gradually developed and practiced together Until today, coming to compete in THE POWER BAND, I am very happy, beyond my expectations. who won in Class B because he had been away from the competition for more than 2 years

At the end of the winning band Types of creative music without limits Class C includes: Solar System Band from Chiang Mai province received a trophy of honor and a cash prize of 120,000 baht by Sathukan Thiyathira Solar System Band representatives said they were very impressed with THE POWER BAND 2022 Season 2 project because it allowed them to play their own compositions. Before this, I thought that only 2-3 friends who would listen to the songs we composed would listen to the band’s compositions. But when I get a chance to show my talent Let the songs we compose get more people to listen to them. make the team want to compete on this stage And the more there are committees who are artists at the forefront of Thailand to sit and listen and comment, leading to the use of various techniques. to really develop skills

by the winners of the 3 competition categories teaming up to make one song and a music video with a music label under the supervision of Music Move Co., Ltd.

Apichet Srivaddhanaprabha Mr The Assistant Chief Operating Officer, King Power Group, congratulated all bands that received awards this year THE POWER BAND 2022 is another good project. which strives to be held continuously to create opportunities And open a place for Thai people who have a love for music. expresses the power of music creatively The contestants will gain experience. learn techniques from a real artist who guarantees the ability of experienced people in the music industry front and back

I really hope that THE POWER BAND music competition will help to be a bridge to continue children’s dreams. To the path of professional artists in the future and is a trigger for Thai youth to dare to think, dare to do, and continue to show their full potential.

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