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3-year-old son tells the memory of his past life, the British comedian is terrified | Twitter | Reincarnation

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[Epoch Times August 22, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Chen Juncun reported) British comedian Dan Schreiber recently stated that his 3-year-old son once told him about his past life memories before going to bed , And also said the names of all his family members in the previous life, which surprised him.

Schreiber on August 19TwitterShared his son Wilf’s bedtime chat content: “Daddy, I had a home a long time ago. My mother’s name is Sochi, and my name is Anke, but then I I’m dead, now I live in your house.”

Schreiber told the “Daily Star” that after this astonishing remark, Wilf continued to talk about his family in his previous life for several minutes, and Schreiber used his cell phone to record.

Schreiber said: “My wife and I asked him questions for about 10 minutes. He named everyone in the family and said they lived by the sea.”

Although Schreiber never discussed reincarnation with Wilf, he had traveled to Tibet and visited monks who believed in reincarnation.

However, what puzzled Schreiber was that he had never mentioned such a thing to Wilf, and Wilf had not seen anything related to reincarnation recently.

Netizens share their experiences

Schreiber’s tweets aroused heated discussions among other Twitter users, and many people shared similar situations they had encountered.

“@StephenMcGann” said that his son said something similar when he was very young. He once said: “When I was Andre…” One day, when he was watching the animation “Anastasia” (Anastasia), he calmly pointed to the screen and said: “When I am When Andrei, I lived there.”

“@Tracy_coldwell” said his son used building blocks to build a lifelike old factory when he was 3 years old, and then said: “When I was alive before, this was where I worked.”

“@Tikasmom” wrote that her cousin often mentioned his wife in his previous life, his farm and many details about his farm management when he was about 4 years old. But after he started kindergarten, he stopped talking. He may lose or suppress these memories, which is a pity.

“@Leeds_guy” said that his niece watched a documentary about the miners’ riot when she was 3 years old and suddenly became hysterical. After her mother comforted her, she explained that she had died like that “last time” when she was hit in the head. She also described her previous mother in detail.

“@BlumaIsril” said that her daughter said when she was 3 years old that she was not her mother before. Her daughter also pointed out a Victorian house where she once lived. Although she hadn’t seen a gun, she said at the time that she had been shot to death before.

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