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3 young SLAPKISS with a new home LOVEiS Entertainment

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30 June 2021 – 15:58

3 young SLAPKISS with a new home LOVEiS Entertainment Submit the first single “How could you forget?”

3 bright-faced boys from SLAPKISS that many people are probably familiar with. with sad songs It is told through the music genre of Pop, Modern pop and Power pop, consisting of members: Do-Thanakorn Angsanan (lead singer), Pin-Pinmanat Lertsinudom (guitar) and Arm-Rittikrai Thanchomnang (keyboard ) the music that makes Many people know SLAPKISS, there will be Nasa, Just Delusion, Anger, and many more songs. SLAPKISS is a group that comes in the form of 3 boys and a half-boyband and has just moved into a new house under the label LOVEiS Entertainment.

“How can I forget” (how can i …) This song is about the day we happened to meet with an ex-girlfriend. After not seeing each other for a long time There has been a discussion. and then asked the people who were left behind How are you doing, right? Have you started again? ?At the same time, people were asked and almost never forgot him. The word that popped into my head at that moment was “How could I forget you? People still love it.” The specialty of this song is that it is the first song released under the new house, which is LOVEiS Entertainment. and a new modified soundtrack from previous songs to be more modern The content of the song was something the band had never told before. Which this song talks about the corner of people who broke up and come back to meet, he asked us if we were fine, although we never forgot

Can follow the song and MV “How can I forget” (how can i …) in every streaming And follow the movement updates via Facebook: LOVEiS, slapkiss Twitter/Instagram: @loveis_ent, slapkiss.official and Youtube/LOVEiS.

MV Link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93XH7qbQ-NI

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