30 million inheritance, 1st prize money, busy, ex-wife, yelling at Sia When not paying child support

Update on the legacy of the 1st prize money, more than 30 million. Former wife complains that the older sister “Sia Pan” distorted her son’s alimony. has become an issue

heritage Xiao Ban he won the lottery1st prize More than 30 million are already busy after the person died of a serious illness in May 2022. Recently, Sia Pan’s ex-wife. She shouted that Sia Pan’s older sister was not paying her son’s alimony. Monthly and another 2 million baht that he promised to give After selling the land While the older sister Sia When the story is not finished Selling for 3 million Talking at the beginning will take 2 million, but in the end, want 3 million. Everyone talking back and forth. Head Nurse Sia Pan is ready to come to court to make an appointment before March 30, 2023.

because of the tendency of the page to receive a complaint from a woman who claimed to be the ex-wife of Sia Ban Neu Mr. Yongyuth Kaew Suan Chik, a resident of Nong Han District, Udon Thani Province, won a 30 million baht lottery. When the draw on September 16, 2015, number 743148, became a 30 million baht millionaire after Sia Pan died on May 13, 2022 of stage 4 rectal cancer, Sia Pan had made a will before her life Much of her inheritance to sons born to his ex-wife.

with Sia Pan’s older sister as administrator of the estate. The son did not receive the money as agreed. According to Sia Pan’s will before his death, it was said that he would give 2 million baht to his son and that Sia Pan’s sister must pay a monthly payment of 7,000 baht per month to his son, but since October 2022, Ms. Mod, said the wife of the former Xiao Pan No action has been taken. as stated in the will Cause the ex-wife to appear in court In order for the other party to proceed in accordance with the will, both parties have an appointment to go to court again on March 30, after the previous meeting. Sia Pan’s older sister did not attend court as scheduled.

Recently, the reporter traveled to a house in Ban Nong Bo, Nong Han Sub-District, Nong Han District, Udon Thani Province, which is the land and commercial building where Ms Suteera Kaew Suan Chik or “Kao”, Sia Pan’s older sister, lives. By this house and land, Sia Pan, 30 million was bought for my sister and brother-in-law, it seems that the house was not found.

As for the original noodle shop that Sia Pan came to serve to help her sister, it has already been rented by someone else. Ask the villagers about that. My sister went to work in other states. And I haven’t seen Sister Sia Pan for almost 2 months. Only Sister Sia Pan’s husband and daughter live in this house.

Later, the reporter contacted Sia Pan’s sister by phone, revealing that she had come to work to help a friend make a restaurant in Phuket. Regarding the younger brother’s land and the house, it has already been sold for 3 million baht. t know myself because I rarely follow social media.

Sister Xiao Pan said that Regarding the sale of the house and land after his brother’s death, he spoke to Xia Pan’s ex-wife and said that she could sell it for 3 million baht, but there were various costs, namely commissions, land taxes and other expenses, remaining 2,500,000 But that has not been transferred to the ex-wife, brother because he wants 3 million baht

He then explained to him that there were expenses that had to be deducted. Regarding sending money to Nong Chestnut who will send 7 thousand per month on this issue, there is a legal case. and according to the will When the son is 20 years old, he will receive 2 million baht. At first, when talking to his ex-wife, Sia Pan, he knew about it. But after coming back to say in a new way and will Udon return to proceed with the legal case against Sia Pan’s inheritance before March 30, 2023

However, Sia Pan’s relatives did not want to reveal their names. to those reporters Sia Pan’s winning lottery money, 30 million, now there is nothing left. Because during the time that Sia Pan lived, he loved his son, Nong Chestnut very much. As well as sending 7,000 baht a month, he secretly took money from the lottery to his ex-wife and son. until there is no money left But how many facts are left? I still don’t know because my sister is the administrator of the estate. After Sia Pan’s life disappeared, now only the house and land that Sia Pan had bought remained. knowing that the ex-wife also wanted this place