30 percent of Minneapolis scooter users are doing wrong

30 percent of Minneapolis scooter users are doing wrong

If a person breaks into a dry indoor structure, you should do 1) glare, and 2) immediate and compatible approach, "THE SIDEWALKS CAN!" Obviously they came through a scooter, and according to the city of Minneapolis, 3 out of 10 are still struggling to follow (or explore) the rules for these new things.

Few! Against a city fact sheet, Minneapolis is asking you:

  • Not a ride on sidewalks
  • Wear a helmet
  • First use cycle lanes and, failing this, a ride along with a bicycle traffic
  • Result of foot traffic

That's it, that's the list. And yet, in approximately 700 reports filed on an internal municipal app to monitor usage, not many of us are unannounced. Similarly for parking, where the city says that you should 1) not to block sidewalks, 2) leave the scooter standing, 3) without parking on private property, and 4) leave it at the path, and he expects to attract his next rider to jump into the bike lane instead of the moving movement stew, turning pedestrians.

(St Paul's published riding rules are even more pronounced, and they should, as is evident, the guide without uh, destroy them all like a maniac.)

Last year, 75,000 Minneapolis commissioners took approximately 225,000 journeys, and this number is increasing. So probably not by coincidence, travel prices.

A complete review of the progress and / or disadvantages of the scourge program will not happen until later this year, so keep all your stories about a part of funny business going in your happy hour, just chillin glands .

"Most of the time, people just do not know [the rules], "says Joshua Johnson, Minneapolis manager for" high mobility. "The city is trying to combat this ignorance through social media events and human activities to educate riders.

We still endorse, even without clear evidence of injustice, but that's the difference between the city and the City Pages.


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