300 million assets seized, “secret Chinese pub” network, 15 people arrested linked to Roman King

opening statement expansion “secret Chinese pubs” gray business case of Chinese investors in Pattaya and Yannawa area came across corruption. State officials, wearing identity cards, found passports of dual nationalities, pointing in and out of Cambodia – Malaysia more than 30 times, linking the business. Roman Kings in Lao PDR

Today, 3 November 2022, Lt. Gen.Torsak Sukwimon Deputy Commissioner of the National Police (Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Police)Surachet Hakpal Deputy Police Commissioner and Lt. Gen. Worawat Wat Nakorn Bancha Commissioner of Police Investigating Technology Crimes (Commissioner.

Announcing the arrest of 15 suspects, 5 Thais, 10 Chinese citizens, along with items worth more than 300 million baht from the operation. “Fall on crutches, break branches” through blockade and search 3 points of gray Chinese capitalist network in Bangkok area

first point It is a house in Prawet area.Meet 5 Chinese people and 3 Thai people with many items like 3 cars, Ducati motorcycles, red without license plates. Over 50 bottles of foreign drinks, 13 mobile phones, 3 notebook computers and 7 million baht in cash.

300 million network assets were seized

Point 2 It is a house in a luxury village in the Prawet area. A man from China and two men from Thailand were found and several assets were seized.

a Point 3 It’s a condo in Sukhumvit Soi 39, meets 4 Chinese people and seizes assets like 28 million baht in cash / 8 luxury branded bags.

After the arrest the officer found the identity card of the accused. obtaining an ID number issued by the registrar to another person (Faces do not match) is believed to be a fake ID card. which information system The civil registration, Department of Provincial Administration, clearly states that the person under the identity card is still alive and engaged in cutting corn in provincial areas. This issue is in the process of being expanded with the relevant agencies.

300 million network assets were seized

As for the assets that can be seized is checked for accuracy and its connection to online crime cases. which has been notified further

Pol Lt Gen Torsak said the results of this operation were an extension of the arrest of a Chinese investor’s gray business network in Pattaya and ongoing raids and arrests of tourists at entertainment venues “Jin Ling” Yannawa district

The raids in the three sites were linked to the Chinese capital in Pattaya-Yannawa, and also found passports of Thai and Cambodian nationalities, which revealed 25 trips to Cambodia and 12 to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In addition, the results of the preliminary investigation found doing sukiyaki Restaurant business in King Roman, Lao PDR and the Golden Triangle area.

The information that Mr.Chuwit Kamolvisit to the police for 5 Chinese network capital groups Currently in the process of expansion As with the issue referred to Some Chinese accused Having a close relationship with a senior police officer

300 million network assets were seized

including being close to youformer ministerOne person was inspected by the police who searched the former minister’s residence but still did not find anything illegal. or if there is evidence linking that Participates in the Chinese network


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