3:3 soccer fight ‘Omega Strikers’ made by Riot

Of XX, Section XX. When developers of famous game companies become independent, they follow them as a tag. At one time, this alone was quite marketing. Since it is a new game made independently by the developers of famous game companies, it gives the feeling that a certain level of fun is guaranteed. But, as most gamers know, the reality was a little different. On the contrary, there were more games that did not have a good reputation. That is why it has become a rare expression recently.

Meanwhile, a game that was released on the 19th caught my eye. I found out that it is a game developed by developers from Riot Games. League of Legends, Strategic Team Combat (TFT), and Valorant home run in a row, together with the success of the anime Arcane, I coldly think that it is a game from developers from Riot Games, which enjoys worldwide fame. I was looking forward to it though.

Founded by 4 developers, Odyssey Interactive’s new game ‘Omega Strikers’ is a combination of fighting and football. You could say it’s a soccer fighting MOBA style. Once you get started, it’s not bad. According to Steam user reviews, 89% of the more than 2,000 reviews are positive, with a rating of ‘very positive’. It’s said to be a free-to-play game, but it’s a rating it wouldn’t have gotten if it hadn’t been fun in the first place. Let’s take a moment to find out what kind of charm such an evaluation had.

I mentioned football earlier, but to be honest, ‘Omega Strikers’ is a bit different to football. It is a fundamental difference, not a difference in the use of such skills or concepts. Generally, in football, a ball is used, but here, instead of the ball, you have to hit a disc called a core and put it into the opponent’s goal. It’s not just the difference between a ball and a core. It is possible to pass the ball overhead in a soccer game, but not in Omega Strikers. In any case, the movement of the core is limited to the floor.

So, at first glance, playing ‘Omega Strikers’ may seem easier than normal football. You don’t have to worry about whether you want to make a ground pass or a lob pass. Not even the ticket itself. However, that doesn’t mean that ‘Omega Strikers’ is a game where you shoot blindly. If it was such a simple game, it probably wouldn’t have been rated so well.

Basically, in a football game, the moment you put your foot on the ball, the player and the ball move together, but ‘Omega Strikers’ is not like that. The core is always in fluid motion, so you have to keep moving and blow it to the opponent’s goal. And this is the moment in combat, the ‘Omega Strikers’ flower, seeing the light of day.

How to blow a core in ‘Omega Strikers’ is simple. All you have to do is hit the core with basic attacks and skills. The core will then bounce off depending on the angle. It may seem simple at first glance, but in reality it is not that simple yet. This is because there are many things to consider, not only the direction of hitting the core, but also the timing. Another one here. It is also important to know that your opponent will not let it go. First of all, it is advantageous to hit the core one way or another, so everyone rushes to the core. That’s why, when the game starts, it’s like when we played football when we were young, everyone jumps on the ball with one ball.

▲ To the point where I can’t get enough of flying the core, attacking the opponent, or blocking the flying core.

Handling these conflicts is simple. It’s just a direct attack and subdue the opponent. As you can see from the fact that it’s a football fight, it’s not dirty to attack an opponent in ‘Omega Strikers’. No, rather, that’s the rule. The only thing that doesn’t work is that it is only used to blast cores with basic attacks. You have to use skills to attack your opponent. Of course, you can also use the skill to blow up the core or stop it from flying.

However, randomly hitting the opponent doesn’t solve everything. When attacking your opponent, you need to aim for two main things. The first is the groggy state. Characters have stamina above them, and if they use skills to attack opponents and reduce their stamina, from then on, they fall into a kind of unsteady state, stunned for a short time and bounce further to away

▲ If you use it well, you can use it like this

This alone will prevent you from using your strength in physical combat aimed at the core, but the truth is there. It’s a shot that can be the core of the ‘Omega Strikers’ fight. As a sort of over the counter decision, if you bounce to the yellow line of the stadium or to your team’s goal, you will be removed from the game for a period. In other words, fighting ‘Omega Strikers’ should consider how to knock out while reducing the opponent’s health.

Since there are two players excluding the goal keeper role, they attack one person intensively and then knock out effortlessly. If you’re confident in your skills, it’s possible to knock yourself out while exploring the stadium on your own. You can even beat an opponent defending the goal while hitting the core in a game on the most important goal. As the game is played 3 to 3, losing one person means that the flow of the game changes a lot.

▲ Be careful of your opponent’s skills near the stadium line

Of course, these skills aren’t just for attacking enemies. I said it was the man of the match, but scoring a goal should not be underestimated. No matter how well you beat your opponent, it will mean nothing if you can’t score in the end. Sometimes it needs to be used to block flying cores.

Tofu is typical. If you look at Tofu’s skills, it includes summoning obstacles in front of you or throwing obstacles in front of you. It can be used to attack the opponent, but its essence is to protect the goal. It can also be used to call goal post blocks at close timing to deflect the core or blow the flying core off.

▲ Great save with Tofu skill!

However, this does not mean that a defensive type character like Tofu must be included in the team. In ‘Omega Strikers’, anyone can be a goalkeeper. In addition to the balanced Juliet type who can respond to any situation, characters who specialize in attack rather than defense, such as Dragkar or Estelle, can also take on the role of goalkeepers.

As mentioned earlier, there are characters with quite intuitive skills, and even Juno who puts up irregular obstacles. Since each character has a unique personality, like any other MOBA, each combination provides a different kind of fun.

▲ Using a skill to surprise the core or

▲ The use of skills is unlimited, such as creating space to blow the core by sweeping the front as it is.

Combinations aren’t just about characters. In addition to character combinations, you can customize even the same character by reinforcing abilities with a character system called training. For example, you can set up specialized training to subdue your opponent by strengthening your attack power, or equip training that reduces the cooldown so you can use skills faster than others. It is also possible to run around the pitch at high speed by training speed-oriented training to score and keep goals. Depending on the combination, the character’s weaknesses can be augmented or the strengths can be strengthened.

As such, ‘Omega Strikers’ appears to be an easy game at first glance. hitting the core can subdue the enemy. Staying true to these two propositions, in less than 5 minutes of playing the game, you will learn the controls almost perfectly and you will know how to enjoy it.

It’s not an easy game though. When it comes to team games, and long-time favorites, it’s easy to learn, but it’s not just an easy game. In order to become the best, we needed to play strategically.

‘Omega Strikers’ is similar. You can play it randomly, but to really enjoy it, you need to know the skills and characteristics of each character, and combine the best training accordingly. It means that you need to know a lot more to reach a higher position, while at the same time, you have to be more attentive to management than anyone else. In fact it was. There were many cases where I happened to meet a team with good people, and I was helpless.

▲ Everyone said it was easy to play, but it’s not an easy game.

Omega Strikers is currently available for free via Steam and mobile. Since it also supports mobile, you may be worried that the charging element is strong, but fortunately, all the characters can only be obtained by playing the game, and there is no element that becomes stronger by charging. If collecting money in the game is onerous, a fee must be paid to unlock a character or purchase training. The only thing that can be bought by paying is an outfit that doesn’t affect gameplay at all, so it provides a level playing field for everyone.

‘Omega Strikers’ has appeared recently while there has been no news about a new MOBA. Unlike general MOBA, I have brought a unique topic called combat football, but in this case, it seems that this has become the advantage of ‘Omega Strikers’. Because other MOBAs are armed with differential fun. So, if you are a gamer looking for a new game, we recommend ‘Omega Strikers’ this time. Being a game armed with the familiarity of a MOBA and the uniqueness of combat football, I think it will be a game that will be fun to play for tens of hours if it suits your taste.

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