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33 stars shot by Michelin… What is the best restaurant in Seoul?

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On the 25th, Michelin officially announced the restaurants selected in the ‘Michelin Guide Seoul 2022’ through an online live broadcast.

There are two three-star restaurants, and Korean restaurants Gaon and Rayeon have maintained three stars for six consecutive years since 2017.

Two stars include Kwon Sook-soo (Korean food), Joo-ok (Korean food), Mingles (modern Korean food), Mosu (innovative, highly valued menus created by chefs rather than specific genres), Alla Prama (innovative), and Jung Seven restaurants (contemporary) and Kojima (sushi) were listed. Jeok received one star last year, but this time it was upgraded to two stars. The number of two-star restaurants increased from six last year to seven.

For the one-star restaurants, five new restaurants including Hane (sushi), Sushi Sanghyeon, Sushi Matsumoto, Kojacha (Asian), and Yunseoul (Korean food) were added to select a total of 24 restaurants. The remaining 19 one-star restaurants are Terreno (Spanish), Lamitière (French), Lamant Secret (contemporary), Myungmi (Innovative), Mooni (Japanese), Muoki (contemporary), Mito (Japanese). , Bichaena (Korean), Sever’s Door (Contemporary), Swanye (Innovative), Ebit (Innovative), Offre (French), Onjieum (Korean), Exquizine (Contemporary), Zero Complex ( Innovative), Table Popo (Contemporary), and Pierre Gagnaire (French). The Michelin Guide Seoul edition has two special awards, ‘The MICHELIN Young Chef Award’ and ‘The MICHELIN Mentor’ Chef Award)’ winners were also announced.
The Young Chef Award was awarded to Chef Bo-mi Kim, one of Mitou’s two owner-chef chefs, and the Mentor Chef Award was awarded to Chef Jang Myung-sik of L’Amitié, respectively.

The Michelin Guide rates restaurant food on a scale of 1 to 3 stars. The highest rating of 3 stars means a restaurant worth taking a trip to for a taste, 2 means a restaurant worth visiting even if you are far away, and 1 means a restaurant with excellent food. A total of 33 restaurants were selected in the ‘Michelin Guide Seoul 2022’, including 2 3-star restaurants, 7 2-star restaurants, and 24 1-star restaurants.
Reporter Hae-sik Park, Donga.com [email protected]

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