348 new Kovid cases in Saudi; 20 deaths, 373 cured

Riyadh: The Ministry of Health today announced that Kovid has confirmed 348 new cases in Saudi Arabia. 20 people were killed. 373 patients have recovered in the last 24 hours, officials said. Today’s cure rate is 96 percent. With this, the total number of cases in the country was 342,202, the number of deaths was 5185 and the number of cured was 328,538. There are currently 8479 active infections. Of these, 825 remain in critical condition.

Mohammed Abdul Ali, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health, said the epidemic had imposed new ways on people around the world to interact with life. Kovid news from some countries is not so good. But he said there had been a significant drop in the number of cases as part of the tough preventive measures taken by Saudi Arabia. Accurate research and studies are underway in this area. Now the situation in Saudi is favorable. He also warned that withdrawing from preventive measures would change the situation.

Studies are still ongoing on the immunity of corona climbers. The spokesman said it was “extremely rare” to be infected twice. He urged people to continue to be aware of the presence of the virus. A total of 7,354,136 Kovid tests have been completed in Saudi Arabia so far, including 38,385 newly tested.



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