38 places including ‘Best shared growth’ Samsung Electronics … 65 ‘Excellent’ including Lakeside Construction

Fair Trade Commission, review of trade relations/cooperation, etc.

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38 companies, including Samsung Electronics, SK, and Hyundai Motor Company, received ‘Excellent’ grades in the mutual growth index evaluated by the Fair Trade Commission and the Mutual Growth Commission. The win-win growth index is the result of evaluating the results of reviewing the transactional relationships of 215 large and medium-sized companies, cooperative relationships, and win-win growth systems and the results of evaluating the implementation of the Fair Trade Agreement by the Fair Trade Commission.

The Shared Growth Committee held its 71st meeting on the 21st and selected 38 companies with the best win-win growth index for 2021, 65 companies with outstanding results, 70 companies with good quality, 29 companies with average quality, and 7 companies with poor performance. . The Win-Win Growth Committee classifies 24 companies that have received the highest grade for more than three consecutive years as ‘Best Honorary Companies’.

Samsung Electronics received the highest rating for 11 consecutive years, starting in 2011 (published in 2012) when the win-win growth index evaluation began. SK Telecom was selected for 10 consecutive years, Kia for 9 consecutive years, Hyundai Transys, KT, LG Display, and SK Corporation for 8 consecutive years, and LG Chem for 7 consecutive years. Four companies, Samsung C&T, Lotte GRS, Xi C&A, and POSCO E&C, have just been upgraded to the top grade this time. In particular, construction companies stood out as the number of construction companies increased from 7 in the previous year to 9.

Hoban Construction, Jungheung Construction, Hanwha Engineering & Construction, Lotte E&C, Lotte Department Store, Shinsegae Department Store, Hyundai Department Store, LG Electronics, Samsung SDI, and Hyosung Heavy Industries were named in the excellent grade. The government provides incentives such as an exemption from the Fair Trade Commission’s ex officio investigation, an exemption from the investigation into the status of delivery and transport transactions by the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises and Start-ups (every other year), and additional points for the introduction of the Public Procurement Service. -qualification for a public offer (PQ) for companies with excellent or higher grades. Harim and Daewoo E&C were selected as good grades.

Reporter Sejong Lee Young-joon

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