& # 39; Star Card & # 39; with Idaho to get security in federal buildings or airports in 2020


IDAHO FALLS – If you are planning for a flight or entering the Idaho federal facility, you may want to "Get a Star Card".

Starting on October 1, 2020, a Star Card, PÁ.S.S. or military identification in the Idaho state to pass through airport security or enter a federal funding building, such as a court house or military base.

The Star Card is a driving license or special identity card issued through the Motor Vehicle Department with a star in the upper right corner. The card was developed due to the REAL ID security standards run by the Conference in 2005.

"The latest thing I want for family or business travelers to miss a holiday or work trip is important because they did not get their Star Cards," said Governor Brad Little in the release of news. Like today, five percent of the Idaho applied.

In order to try to minimize long lines by the DMV in 2020, the Idaho Department of Transport is calling for the Idaho to start the process earlier and beyond and go to their local DMV.

Documents required to get a Star Card

  1. Birth certificate
  2. Social Security Card
  3. Two proof of Idaho residency

For a list of the acceptable documents, visit this website.

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