3DMark is developing a Speed ​​Way benchmark with DirectX 12 Ultimate ray tracing and global illumination

3DMark Preview is working with Lenovo to launch a new 3DMark testing tool, 3DMark Speed ​​Way, later this year.

3DMark Speed ​​Way is a display and testing tool for the new graphics technology. It will have “real-time ray tracing” and “global illumination” technology, allowing the GPU to render more realistic light, shadow and reflection.

And includes DirectX 12 Ultimate new features, such as Mesh Shader, Variable Rate Shading technology to optimize performance and image quality.

This test situation is sponsored by Lenovo Legion, and the product will also be placed in the test situation; as for 3DMark Speed ​​Way, it will be launched on Steam later this year.

source: benchmarks.ul.com

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