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3×3 Japan national team achieves goal to qualify for the Olympics and wins overtime against Spain with Stephanie Mawuli’s final shot –Basketball Count |

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Risa Nishioka, Mio Shinozaki, Mai Yamamoto, Stephanie Mawuli’s big work

Yesterday was the final day of the qualifying (OQT) for the three-player basketball “3×3” to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics, and Japan lost to France in the semi-finals and went to the bronze medal match, but here they won a come-from-behind victory against Spain. Completed the mission to acquire the right to participate.

France in the semi-finals is a team with a good defensive power with a different footwork than before. Even if I spin the ball outside and set the drive at the right time, the course is blocked by my body and I can not bring it to the layup. Japan also shows a defense using legs, but it is disadvantageous in rebound because it is inferior in height. He endured while using a foul, and within three and a half minutes of the start, he developed a super low score of 4-4.

Moreover, Stephanie Mawuli hurt her leg on the way, and although she continued to play, she lacked sharpness. Even so, the French team foul was 7 and caught up in the final stage, and from the remaining 7 seconds greeted with 14-15 and 1 point behind, if Mai Yamamoto who became free in cooperation with Mio Shinozaki decided, it would be a reversal buzzer beater. He shot a two-point shot, but this was disliked by Rim.

Two and a half hours later, the bronze medal match was held. Spain wasn’t as defensive as France, and Japan’s drive worked. Even so, the offense power is high, and the team pushes in post-up within the range that does not cause a foul and decides a shot with contact under the goal with high probability. Japan got off to a good start with a two-point shot by Shinozaki and Yamamoto, but Spain turned around from the inside attack and turned over the game at once with a 7-0 run that aimed for a two-point shot and decided three in a row. ..

Evelyn played without feeling the effects of injuries, but Japan, which runs and competes more than any other team, was tired because it was the third match of the day. Although my legs are moving, the accuracy of the finish is out of order and the layup cannot be decided. Even so, by focusing on the defense and not allowing the opponent’s easy shot and pulling out a foul, he will hunt down the opponent even if he loses in the score.

Stephanie Mawuli

Japan wins in reverse at the end of the 3rd place playoff and attrition warfare in the 3rd game of the day

At the end of the game, the opponent also ran out of gas. Shinozaki completely overtook him on the drive to score a shot and brought it overtime as 18-18. The opponent was in a penalty situation with a team foul. With a two-point difference, Yamamoto took the foul on the drive and dropped one free throw, but decided the second one and took the lead after a long time.

It was Evelyn who decided the game. Move the ball to create a matchup between Evelyn and Spain’s biggest player, driving against opponents who can’t keep up with speed and foul. Evelyn screwed in this shot while losing his position and settled at 20-18. Japan has won the right to participate in the Olympic Games held in its own country.

In Japan, five-man boys and girls and three-man boys are allowed to participate in the Olympic Games in the host country frame, and only three-man girls must win the qualifying round and qualify on their own. It was. It is significant that he created a Japanese style in a new competition without knowing what was the correct answer, and won the right to participate by competing with the world’s strongest players.


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