4 alliances to save the world launch “Recycled building paint”, the first in Thailand!!

4 major leagues led by “JBP” launch “JBP Re-Acrylic Good Paint” Cooperative Recycle Paint, the first “recycled building paint” in Thailand!! Reinforces the image of a leader in business development that meets market requirements, emphasizing quality of life and the environment. and the use of resources to be sustainable

Mr. Sarawut Ratchanakul, CEO of JBP International Paint Co., Ltd.
Mr. Sarawut Ratchanakul, CEO of JBP International Paint Co., Ltd. The main manufacturer and distributor of the country’s paint industry said that the new product development was designed under the concept of the Circular Economy, which is one of the key business development methods for solving environmental sustainability problems. Together with the collaboration with partners in the One World: One Future Together project that jointly developed the product, leading to the creation of JBP Good Paint Re-
Acrylic up

For joint recycled paint, JBP Good Paint Re-Acrylic is to remove paint that has been returned or is in stock that is nearing its expiration date. into the process and use it to produce new colors It can help reduce the use of new raw materials for paint production. And reduce the causes of waste. In addition, the paint body is made of 100% recycled plastic and designed so that the sticker attached to the body can be easily peeled off.
It does not leave stains for convenience to reuse old paint buckets Satisfy the needs of resource management under the concept of a sustainable circular economy.

The properties of the paint are designed to be of the same quality as general interior paint produced from new raw materials. The product passed the industrial standard TIS 2321-2564 weather resistant emulsion paint. and green label standards (Green Label) in order to reassure users that JBP Good Paint Re-Acrylic Cooperative Recycling is an interior paint with excellent adhesion properties. can apply a lot of space Resistant to drying Safe from toxic volatile substances
and it is an environmentally friendly paint

“JBP Good Paint Re-Acrylic Collaborative Recycled Paint” is a collaboration between four key partners in the One World: One Future Together project. namely JBP International Paint Company Limited, Srithai Superware Public Company Limited, CRC Thai Watsadu Company Limited a UAC Global Public Company Limited with the same goal together to do good things for the world This creates the power to create and spread cooperation to a wider extent. and grow together sustainably in the future by UAC Global Supported and led the Research and Development team in the process of remanufacturing the remaining paint. Srithai Superware
is a paint container manufacturer. Made from 100% recycled plastic. JBP Developed a production process to be able to bring the returned paint or paint remaining from production into the process and be used to produce new products. by maintaining the same quality of the product andThai Watsadu Representing potential product distributors to consumers, therefore, this new construction paint product is therefore a product designed under the principles of the circular economy.

Not only reducing the use of raw materials in the production of new colors. But it also helps to reduce waste and promotes efficient use of resources for maximum benefit, it can be called collaborative recycling paint. JBP Good Re-Acrylic Paint This is the first construction paint in Thailand whose products and packaging are truly 100% recycled.

In the past, JBP has consistently demonstrated its stance on social and environmental responsibility.
Long through the development and introduction of various products. Approach consumers continuously to cover all target groups and also persuade partners with the same goal. Participated in the cooperation program One World: One Future Together As a result, in the past year JBP products have been well received by consumers. and sales of products have increased faster Especially in the channel, Thai Watsadu, one of the partners of the One World: One Future Together project, whose market share has clearly increased. JBP continues to progress in developing new products. for the environment and sustainability on an ongoing basis


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