4 customers of the Plus Lottery Division are awesome! won the 1st prize, a total of 7 tickets, received a large amount of wealth 42 million

The Plus Lottery Division clearly shows 4 customers who won the lottery for the first prize, a total of 42 million, on April 16, 2022, number 395919.

After the lottery announced the results of the government lottery Draw for 16 April 2022, the first prize is number 395919 and the last 2 digits of the prize are number 58.

Recently, the Division of Lottery Plus Facebook revealed that there were 4 lottery plus customers who won the first prize, a total of 7 tickets, worth 42 million baht.

by new millionaire Welcoming the Thai New Year, on April 16, 65, there are 4 customers who won the 1st prize with the Plus Lottery, as follows:

  • Khun Muen Fun lives in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province, won the 1st prize, 1 ticket, 6 million baht.
  • Khun Kamonchanok lives in Uttaradit Province, won 1st prize, received 6 million baht.
  • Khun Patcharaphan, Nonthaburi Province, received 2 tickets, grabbed 12 million baht
  • Mr. Sanchai, Sisaket Province, 3 tickets, grabbed 18 million baht

On the side of Mr. Phanthawat Nakvisut, Chairman of the Plus Lottery Company have traveled to the government lottery In order to bring 7 lottery numbers 395919 that customers bought, confirm with the media that there are real lottery tickets.

Mr. Phanthawat said that the Plus Lottery Division has a real lottery ticket. did not print out After this, the mission will continue to distribute rewards. Congratulations to all the lucky winners.