4 fouls in 4 minutes, Yuta Watanabe, who was unable to respond to the whistle, scored only 1 point, and the winning streak of the Nets, who could not improve their defense, was stopped at 12 – Basket Count | Basket Account

Watanabe, who got into foul trouble, has only 6 minutes of playing time

A game where the Nets went into the home of the Bulls. Yuta Watanabe fell into foul trouble with 4 foul goals in 4 minutes, and when he scored only 1 goal without a successful field goal, the Nets were unable to improve their defense until the end and lost 112-121, stopping their run winning at 12.

Yuta Watanabe, who was sent to the court from the second quarter when he was behind by 7 points (33-40), was not caught in the pump fake in the game with Demar DeRozan and raised both hands to hit a shot difficult , as soon as there was contact, he suddenly gave two shots.

Still, in the ensuing offense, he made a perfect cut, received the ball in the paint, avoided a shot block, and set up an easy dunk for Ben Simmons to run in. In addition, he showed dedicated play that doesn’t show up in the numbers, such as jumping into the offensive rebound and chipping it to make it a ball for me, but he once again invited DeRozan to shoot foul.

Just over two minutes into the game, he was called for his second solo foul, but the bench decided to continue playing. Then, he drew the mark with a break play, calmly avoided the first mark man from the shot fake, acquired a foul shot, scored one free throw and recorded his first score. However, immediately after that, he went to help and raised his hands to block a shot under the goal, but was fouled for body contact. This was his third personal foul in 3 minutes and 15 seconds, and he was forced to go down to the bench.

With 2 minutes and 49 seconds remaining in the 3rd quarter, the turn came when he was behind by 5 points, but Watanabe was completely idle on this day. When he returned to the defense unable to decide even though he aggressively hit a 3-point shot from the correct 45 degrees, the whistle blew with a play that flew into Patrick Williams’ dunk block. Although he spread his hands and appealed for no foul, the decision was not overturned, and the fourth foul was called 30 seconds after its appearance. After that, when he received a corner in a small view of the shot clock, he was hit by a hard shot from the drive and it became an air ball.

The Nets, who could not use Watanabe in the closing line, went to one possession several times, but could not correct their defense until the end and lost. Watanabe, who got into foul trouble, scored one goal in just six minutes of playing time, and was unable to show his full potential.

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