“4 Korean women killed by serial shooting in Atlanta…8 people in total”

Eight people were killed in a series of shootings in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and four were reported to be Korean women.

A local Korean media outlet in Atlanta quoted local witnesses as saying that “four Korean women were killed in two spas where the shooting took place.”

Two of the Korean women who died were reported as women in their 70s and 50s, respectively.

According to local media reports, eight people were killed in successive shootings at two massage parlors and spa establishments in the Atlanta area.

Around 5pm local time on the 16th, a shooting occurred at a massage shop in the Cherokee County area near Atlanta, killing four people and injuring one.

About 50 minutes later, a series of shootings took place at two spa establishments in Piedmont Road, north of Atlanta, killing four people.

Police arrested a white male suspect in her twenties caught on surveillance cameras in a massage shop, and three shootings are being investigated as being attributed to the same criminal.

Why the suspect shot the gun is not yet known.



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