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4 professional models to win the Jet Ski Pro Tour, Field 2, Pattaya

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Jet ski, Thailand Championship, field 2, win 4 professional models, still win all types of fun championships After the end of the first day of the “Jet Ski Pro Tour 2021” field 2 at Jomtien Beach, Pattaya City, Chonburi Province, on Nov. 20, the competition continues to use the same intense Covid-19 protection standards as old

Thailand Jet Ski Championship “Jet Ski Pro Tour 2021” field 2 officially started on November 20 at Jomtien Beach, Pattaya City, Chonburi Province. The competition field that will be used in the Jet Ski World Championship early next year, with Mr. Wuttisak Rueksak, Deputy Prime Minister of Pattaya as the chairman of the opening ceremony. With the aim of creating cash flow to stimulate the economy of tourism, hotels and restaurants in Pattaya to come back to life again.

The oiliness on the water of a jet ski The strongest and fastest model in the world Professional boat GP is the return to revenge of Permphon Teeraphatpanich. The champion of Thailand who missed the first field at Uthai Thani. who came back to fight with Lertpong Khunjaeng, the previous champion In the first moto, there was a buzz when it was Thira who finished business, who went up alone. But it turned out that the boat was so broken that he had to leave the competition.

It is Permpol who starts in the 4th place, who overtakes the competitors to the finish line in 1st place, followed by Lertpong and Atthaphon Khunsa, before Moto 2 Lertpong has come back well, leading from the first round until the end of the ranking. 1 this moto, with Teera who returned to this moto as well, took 2nd place and added a general, dropped to 3rd place, totaling 2 points, the first moto, Lertpong, turned to lead 113 points, followed by adding 108 points, making both The pair also win the championship in two more motos on November 21, while the 3rd, 3rd place Atthaphon follows a distance of 87 points.

Heavyweight Jet Ski Standing Professional Boat Modified Omid Sari, the Cambodian champion from the first race, has an advantage over his competitors because he is already using Pattaya as his main training ground. Made in the first moto of this field, took the first place comfortably, followed by Anon Hongklang, the former champion last year, and Phuriphat Thongkon.

Entering Moto 2 games, turning back to Anon when Omid’s driving has an error, causing Anon to enter 1 in this moto with Nantawat Singurai in 2nd place and Omed in 3rd place, total points 2 Moto is still very close. Anon leads 1 with 113 points, followed by Omid 108 points and Nannawat 92 points.

Another two professional classes that Thai racers regularly win world championships in the sport GP Supak finish business, the former champion 8 times and the first race champion. Taking advantage of the sea field, he entered 1st place in the first moto, followed by Teera Thritthura, older brother and Saroj Pimnil, while Thaphatwat Josannuson Another favorite, the boat has no problem scoring on this moto.

Moto 2 Supak had some mistakes, starting at number 4, with Thera taking the lead before Supak sped up to the 2nd place, but Teera still controlled the boat of the type that never slipped. Made it to the finish line in 1st place, slashing Supak by a few buoys, while 3rd place was Saroj, making the total of 2 Moto Supak and Teera equal to 113 and Naphat Suphawattanakul followed by 87 points.

Professional boat model 1100 cc. Engine can be customized. Fun game from the first moto when Suphathat Futrakul challenges the championship with Permphon Teeraphatpanich The master of this generation, which is Suphatat who has a good start. and maintain the position in 1st place, with the addition of the 2nd rank, and Thira finishes the business at the 3rd rank

Add Phon came back to fight with Suphathat again in Moto 2, which this time added Phon, didn’t miss, came back to the finish line as 1st, while Suphatat was ranked 2nd and 3rd place. Permpol and Suphathat 113 points are equal and 3rd place, Thira finishes business with 91 points.

This field competition continues to focus on public health measures that athletes And all staff must be fully vaccinated according to the criteria set by the government. And before entering the playing field, ATK must be checked again to confirm that the field is completely sterile. Including the organization of DMHTTA measures that must be performed at all times on the field of play.

for the championship judgment day Jet Ski Pro Tour Field 2 on November 21, you can follow the news at https://www.jetskiprotour.com and watch the live broadcast via facebook jetskiprotour from 9:00 am and True Visions channel for both days from 2:30 pm onwards

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