4 sports associations aim for 7 gold medals “Meet the Press” 32nd SEA Games

“Meet the Press” 32nd SEA Games, first round, 4 sports associations aiming to win a total of 7 gold medals from judo 3 gold medals, cycling 2 gold medals and cricket and wushu 1 gold medal each. Department of Sports Excellence and Sports Science reveal this SEA Games SAT brings sports science to every sports association to its fullest. Which societies have athletes whose fitness test results are less than good? He will not be approved to represent the competition, while Mr Paitoon Chutimakornkul, president of the Sports Photographers Journalists Association, is confident that Thai people will be able to watch live coverage of the SEA Games.

On Monday, March 20, 2023, on the 4th floor of the Chaloem Phrakiat Building, Sports Authority of Thailand, Mr. Prachum Buntiam, Deputy Governor of the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT), Sports Excellence and Sports Science Department chaired the news release “Meet the Press, the 32nd SEA Games”, held to assess the hopes of Thai athletes in the battle “Cambodia 2023” between 5-17 May 2023 in Cambodia, with Mr. Paitoon Chutimakornkul, President of the Thai Sports Photojournalists Association and Mr. Siri Saraphol, Vice President of the Sports Photojournalists Association of Thailand together with representatives from 4 sports associations to announce their readiness


Mr revealed Paitoon Chutimakornkul, President of the Sports Photojournalists Association of Thailand, that every time before the international sports event begins the Sports Photojournalists Association of Thailand invites different sports associations to participate to assess the readiness and expectation of this SEA Games Thailand sent athletes to compete in 36 sports, more than 583 gold medals. The SAT has assessed different associations that should have won 164 gold medals, while in the Sports Photographers Journalists’ Association section. All sports associations were invited to discuss their readiness. and will organize a total of 6 times before summarizing the results for further use of the information Regarding the problem of finding a live broadcasting license which has not yet been agreed due to inflated prices It is believed that relevant agencies will be able to negotiate and move forward to get a reasonable price. And still believe that the fans will be able to watch this SEA Games competition.


Mr Prachum Buntiam, SAT deputy governor The Sports and Science Excellence Department revealed that SAT is responsible for preparing athletes to take part in the competition. In this preparation, sports science is fully applied. And in the past, athletes have tested their fitness 2 times, the third time by April 30, if any athlete has done the fitness test. Anyone whose assessment results are below the good or very good criteria The SAT will not send athletes to take part in the competition.


Flight Lieutenant Phacharee Phichaiphat, coach of Thailand’s national judo team. revealed that the readiness Last time in Vietnam, the judo team won 1 gold medal from the target of 2-3 gold. This time, the main problem is related to the class of the competition. Where the host can send 10 models, but other countries are limited. Causing not to be sent to the full quota, that is, only 7 models can be sent. Importantly, this time, the host has transferred his nationality from Ukraine and Japan, which cannot be underestimated. As for the expectation, this time aim for 3 gold medals from the standard throwing technique, single combat type. and a type of fighting team

The Wushu Association assigned Suchinda Yangrungrawin, the representative of the athlete and Baramee Koonsawatmongkhon, the coach to announce a joint willingness to reveal that together about that wushu The Thai athletes kept themselves together continuously. at the National Sports University Samut Sakhon Campus make the athletes sufficiently prepared The main problem remains in the competition in real situations. especially the opinion When Thai athletes meet the host If not decisive enough The chances of winning are really difficult. This time, the association would like to aim for at least 1 gold medal.

As for Triti Kader, the Thailand national cricket team manager revealed that the previous two SEA Games were not held. because the host is not ready But this time the host arranges 4 types, including 8 gold medals, but different countries can send 3 types, which Thailand chooses to send in the 50 over, 20 over and 10 over for the women’s team 8th in the world, believing that they will win medals Gold can be obtained in all 3 categories if the host organizes all competitions. without canceling the event later As for men, at least there should be a podium. with Malaysia and Cambodia a formidable competitor And in the past, the association is continuously preparing athletes. keeping themselves in training and participating in competitions In terms of hope, set a goal of at least 1 gold medal from the women’s team.

Colonel Wisut Kasiyapat, Technical Vice President and Chief Coach of the Cycling Association revealed that the association was aiming for 2 gold medals last time, but won 3 gold medals. This time, there were 9 gold medals from the road, 5 gold medals and mountain bike 4 gold medals, with Vietnam still a formidable competitor. Including the Cambodian host for Thai athletes In the past, he kept training and competing continuously. It is believed that at least 2 gold medals will be won from the road category, 1 gold medal, which should be expected from “Traeth” Jutathip Maneephan and the mountain bike category. who is ready to win in the eliminator category with the relay team

Summarizing the results of the 32nd SEA Games Meet The Press in the first round, each of the 4 sports associations aims to win a total of 7 gold medals, from judo 3 gold medals, wushu 1 gold medal, cricket 1 gold medal and cycling 2 medals gold

For the “Meet The Press, the 32nd SEA Games” schedule, the second time will take place on Wednesday, March 22, at the Chalermprakiet Building 7, around 13.00, with 9 other sports associations including Kwon Do, Muay Thai, Sepak Takraw, Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, Vovinam, Panchak Silat, Basketball and Karate.