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4 Ways to Find a Missing Apple Pencil (March 2, 2021)-Excite News

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Since its release in 2015, Apple Pencil has become even more attractive.

Not only is it a great tool for digital artists and designers, it’s also more convenient than ever for the average user to take notes.

However, there is one universal problem faced by many Apple Pencil users.

It’s easy for Apple Pencil to go missing.

How to find a missing Apple Pencil

Designed for Bluetooth, Apple Pencil gives users the freedom to draw text and pictures. However, because it is wireless, it is easy to go missing.

With Apple’s Find My app, you can find most missing Apple devices, but not the Apple Pencil.

So here’s an alternative way to add the ability to find Apple Pencil.

1. 1. Use the iPad’s Bluetooth connection

To see if your Apple Pencil is nearby, go to Settings> Bluetooth> My Devices on your iPad.

If your Apple Pencil appears as “Connected,” you’re within 30 feet. This is because Bluetooth is effective within a range of up to 30 feet (about 9 m).

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