4-year-old Lucy “Dance” jumped to the point of ecstasy and was praised by Xuan Tsai “Dancing Queen” (20:25) – 20220920 – SHOWBIZ

Zhou Guozhong’s “Golden Scissors” reviews 40 years of Chow Yun’s film editing career – fat “Dragon Tiger Wind and Cloud” is the most satisfying work (23:12)”Fan Opera” box office broke 33 million Zhang Jicong’s “Two Guys” exciting: it should not continue (23:05)Cui Bijia congratulates ex-boyfriend Wu Haokang for being a father for refusing to send text messages: I have not contacted for a long time (22:22)Takeaways like Lokman Tai Po are caught in the wild and take a picture with Anson Lo (22:02)Ben Syr denies breaking up with TVB to open an online education platform to open “waterways” (21:52)Chen Ziyao, Shen Zhuoying, Huang Fangwen, Xu Shumin, and Virgo’s birthday party, the beautiful mother wears a cheongsam to show her beauty (21:24)COLLAR support will send dog food to the mountains and be praised by Marf: hard work (20:37)4-year-old Lucy “Dance” jumped to the level of selflessness and won the praise of Xuan Zai “Dancing Queen” (20:25)Hong Zhuoli is unhappy with being criticized for bad gambling and refuses to reveal whether he has won again and won horses (19:47)Zheng Xiuwen regularly checks her breasts and Xu Zhian exercises and hopes to sing at the Red Pavilion tomorrow (19:32)Yang Zijing would like to invite Chen Lejuan to fight the friends group sisters (19:15)Tang Yingying and Song Wanying on the definition of beauty: inner beauty is more important than outer beauty (18:55)Pitt stepped into the art world to exhibit sculptures at the Museum of Finland after divorce (18:41)Let’s love each other according to the law |Lee Shi-young is unforgettable in filming high school scenes, and Lee Seung-gi admits that he is not special (18:36)This year, the box office of 4 Hong Kong films broke 30 million for the first time in 27 years (18:27)Huang Jiawen was accused of rubbing his eyebrows on the car easily and relying on one trick to encourage good luck and avoid evil (17:49)All the way to travel | Director Zhu Fengxian personally thanked the audience for the tickets and hoped that the audience will continue to support films produced in Hong Kong (17:40)Chen Huixian joins “Our Song 4″ to post classic modeling photos and hand-painted self-portraits (17:32)Ai Li blew himself up like a sun top and did not follow the other side like a slave. He used to wear height increasing insoles to shorten the height (17:18)Before the show, King@C AllStar gave a reluctant performance to sing, then went to see a doctor after the show (17:04)Good Voice 2| Li Jiaxin easily controls 2 spirits and wins 11 green lights to pass the test (16:30)Unbalanced and fierce room | Wu Haixin appeared to thank Wei Junsheng for a group photo (16:00)Boyfriend filed for bankruptcy, Wang Haoer attended the dinner with a bright smile and was unaffected (15:28)Tan Xiaohuan and his wife plan to buy back shares, stunned by Maoji Kwai Chung’s offer or together resign and leave brother slag (14:59)”Lonely Killing Ji” Awards Golden Globe Awards Korean actress Wu Sandra appeared at the Queen’s State Funeral Ceremony (14:57)”Outstanding Lawyer” Jiang Taiwu serves a public short-haired soldier appearance and is praised by Man Explosion (14:44)Guo Silin gave birth to Wu Haokang’s 8-pound son in 17 hours of pain: it’s really a big thank you, Mrs. (14:11)Li Yundi disappeared for almost a year after being arrested last year for prostitution”Tomorrow’s War” will add a mysterious clip at the end of the film from Friday onwards, Louis Koo appeals to the audience to bury him and leave (13:10)Film actress Zheng Yanli blew herself up to stay in the ICU after suffering from anorexia and her weight dropped to 90lbs the previous year (12:28)Canadian fans help social workers put on a performance for the mentally challenged Jiang Tao: It’s really great (12:23)

Article date: September 20, 2022

Li Canchen (Sam) and his wife Liang Zhiying, 4 year old daughter, Li Yuanyuan (Lucy) have always wanted to perform. They sing or dance at home from time to time. Lucy’s mother has posted a short video of her daughter dancing at home on Instagram in the past two days “Cyrus Love” and “Electric Shock” sung by Zhang Tiantian and Hong Jiahao, Lucy danced with all her might, and danced and brushed her hair. she has a realistic posture, and jumped to the point of sweating profusely! Henry Zhang also left a message to praise Lucy: “Queen of dancing and singing.”

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