42-year-old Han Ye-seul transforms into an orange hairstyle… younger beauty [N샷]

Actress Han Ye-seul/ Photo=Han Ye-seul’s Instagram © News 1

Actress Han Ye-seul started to change her style.

Han Ye-seul posted a photo on her Instagram on the 13th with the words “New Year, new hair”.

In the photo, Han Ye-seul dyed her hair with an orange hairstyle. Han Ye-seul, who has had straight black hair, is exuding a different charm with a change of style.

In particular, after changing her hairstyle, Han Ye-seul is showing off her more dazzling beauty, attracting attention.

Meanwhile, Han Ye-seul, who was born in 1981 and is 42 years old this year, disclosed that she was in a relationship with a lover 10 years younger than her on her social networking service in May of last year. Since then, Han Ye-seul has been sharing her recent situation by revealing her sweet daily life with her boyfriend.


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