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4,250 votes disappeared from the battlefield… The chaotic US presidential election

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Bloomberg News reported on Monday (local time) that about 4,250 pre-stamp votes were lost in battlefields, Pennsylvania and North Carolina, as a result of its own investigation by the United States Federal Post Office (USPS).

Reportedly, the USPS released the relevant data in a trial that was continued at the hearing of Judge Emmet Sullivan in the Washington DC Federal District Court that day, explaining the reason for the loss, saying, “Employees may have missed scanning envelopes on some ballots.

Reuters reported that about 1,700 votes were checked on the 5th at three mail drop-offs in Pennsylvania and were being delivered to the counting office.

According to data submitted by the USPS to the courts, approximately 150,000 votes by mail ballots finally arrived at the counting offices across the United States on the last four days, one day later than Election Day.

Depending on the state, it is possible that some votes have been invalidated due to delays in delivery, as they are recognized as valid votes until the day of arrival on the election day, and it is difficult to determine the number of invalid votes using only the data from the USPS.

In this regard, USPS spokesman David Partonheimer said, “The post office has a statutory obligation to deliver all mail collected in the system.” “97% of the ballots in question were delivered on time according to regulations.” I did.

A lawyer from the National Association for the Improvement of Black Perceptions (NAACP) who filed this lawsuit said, “Each ballot by mail that was not counted due to delivery delays is a voice that has not been reflected in our democracy. .

The trial was initiated by NAACP, claiming that the USPS was able to deliver advance ballot by mail quickly, but was not actively trying to improve relevant regulations and equipment, and consequently hindered the exercise of the suffrage.

Advance mail voting is generally seen as favoring Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

In Pennsylvania, candidate Biden’s voting rate was more than 10 percentage points apart at the time of the initial counting, but the vote by mail was counted in the second half, making it very thin.

Contender Donald Trump argues that it should be excluded from the ballot counting results due to the opacity of the ballot process.

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