Home News 437 people by 9 pm, 21 people from yesterday↓… Expected mid-to-late 400s on the 8th (total)

437 people by 9 pm, 21 people from yesterday↓… Expected mid-to-late 400s on the 8th (total)

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picture explanation485 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 yesterday

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As the domestic novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) epidemic continues, on the 7th, a series of confirmed cases occurred across the country.

According to the quarantine authorities and local governments such as Seoul, a total of 437 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 were confirmed nationwide from 00:00 to 9pm on the same day.

21 fewer than the 458 people counted at the same time the day before.

Although the interim count of confirmed cases has decreased, it is difficult to see that the spread has been slowed. This is because the decrease in the number of inspections on weekends and holidays usually lasts until Tuesday, the beginning of the week.

If you look at the regions where the confirmed cases were confirmed on that day, 277 people (63.4%) were in the metropolitan area and 160 people (36.6%) were in the non-metropolitan area.

By city and province, Seoul 136, Gyeonggi 126, Gyeongnam 47, Daegu 33, Daejeon 22, Busan and Incheon 15 each, Chungbuk and Jeju 8 each, Gyeongbuk 7, Gangwon 5, Jeonnam and Jeonbuk each 4 , 3 each in Ulsan and Chungnam, and 1 in Gwangju.

Among 17 cities and provinces nationwide, there have been no confirmed cases in Sejong.

As there is still time until midnight, when the counting ends, the number of new confirmed cases to be announced as of 00:00 on the 8th is expected to increase further, reaching the mid-to-late 400s, or at most around 500.

The previous day, 27 people increased after 9 pm, and the final number was 485.

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From the 1st to this day, the number of new confirmed cases in the past week was 459 → 677 → 681 → 695 → 744 → 556 → 485, an average of about 613.9 per day.

Among them, the daily average number of local confirmed cases, which is a key indicator for adjusting the ‘social distancing’ stage and can estimate the risk of infection in the community, is about 595.6, which is in the range of stage 2.5 (400 to 500 or more nationwide).

Looking at the major cases of infection, in Gyeongnam, 35 people, centered on a foreign restaurant in Changnyeong-gun, tested positive, and the cumulative number of confirmed cases increased to 52. As tests are currently being conducted on contacts, the number of confirmed cases may increase further.

In Incheon, two additional cases related to a family member or acquaintance in Bupyeong-gu were confirmed, raising the cumulative number of infections to 18.

In Wonju, Gangwon, three people from a family including a couple and high school children were confirmed, and in Jeju, a total of seven people, including an elementary school teacher, tested positive, and an epidemiological investigation is currently underway.

In addition, sparks of infection continued throughout the country, including cafes, karaoke rooms, workplaces, and schools.


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