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44,000 expatriates get Golden Visa in Dubai

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Dubai : About 44,000 expatriates in Dubai alone have obtained the Golden Visa, a long-stay visa in the UAE.

The announcement was made by Maj. Gen. Mohammed Ahmed Al-Marri, head of the Directorate General of Foreign Affairs’ Affairs. These figures are from the announcement of the Golden Visa system in 2019. The country is issuing Golden Visas to attract talents from different parts of the world to the UAE and provide them with better living conditions. The Golden Visa, which is valid for 10 years, will be extended upon expiration.

The Golden Visa was initially announced for investors, entrepreneurs, talented people in various fields, researchers in the field of science and technology, and top students. Later

It was changed to a type that would get more people. Meanwhile, the UAE With the opening of the doors to more people, the number of visitors also increased.

Al-Marri said Dubai Airport handles more than 1.5 million passengers a day.


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