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45 Republicans against the senator: Trump’s impeachment is dead | Senate | Schumer

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[Epoch Times January 27, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Lin Yan reported) 45 Republican senators in the U.S. Senate voted for the rejection of former President Trump (Trump) on Tuesday (January 26). The second impeachment trial. Some senators said that the impeachment case has been killed.

This vote is seen as the Republicans are testing the water temperature for the February impeachment case, and it is very likely that the Democrats will not get enough votes to convict Trump.

Republican Senator Rand Paul (Rand Paul) filed a motion on Tuesday afternoon to impeach a former president in violation of the constitutional procedure, calling for a vote on the constitutionality of the impeachment trial, because Trump has now stepped down.

Subsequently, the majority leader and Democrat Chuck Schumer (Chuck Schumer) requested a vote to “set aside” Paul’s motion, and the whole house voted 55 to 45 to pass it.

Paul’s procedural motion was collectively opposed by Democrats, and another five Republicans turned against it, but 45 Republicans, including minority leader Mitch McConnell, voted against it.

This move shows that the Democrats cannot get at least 17 votes from the Republicans to support the conviction. The Senate is unlikely to convict former President Trump with more than two-thirds (67 votes) in the February impeachment case. .

The five Republicans who joined the Democratic opposition program motion include: Maine’s Susan Collin (Susan Collin), Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski (Lisa Murkowski), Utah’s Mitt Rom (Mitt Romney), Ben Sasse of Nebraska and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania.

Paul tweeted after the vote that 45 votes meant that the Senate’s impeachment trial was dead. He wrote: “45 senators agreed that this false “trial” is unconstitutional; this exceeds the number of votes required to acquit and ultimately end this partisan impeachment process. This so-called “trial” is a dead end in the Senate. .”

The conviction of former President Trump requires at least 67 votes, which means that no more than 33 Republicans can vote to rebut. The 45 votes against it on Tuesday far exceeded the number of votes required for impeachment.

Earlier on Tuesday, Paul stated that the Senate vote on that day would show that Trump’s impeachment was “basically (the Senate) is a waste of time” because Trump has now stepped down.

Paul asked: Will I be sent to prison if I use the word combat?

Trump will be the first former president to undergo an impeachment trial after leaving office. The Senate said that they had conducted impeachment trials on cabinet officials after leaving office.

Paul criticized before voting on Tuesday that the Democrats had an inexplicable hatred of Trump. He said: “If we are going to put every politician in jail, then are we going to impeach every politician who uses the word “fight” metaphorically in a speech? This is a shame.”

Although some Republican senators said they were waiting to hear their arguments during the trial, more and more senators said they believed that the impeachment trial that began in February was unconstitutional.

Professor Jonathan Turley, who was invited to participate in the House of Representatives and provided legal advice for the first impeachment of Trump, attended a closed-door Republican luncheon on Tuesday.

Schumer: Accountability can cure the problem and continue the trial

The Democrats criticized the Republicans for pushing Trump’s impeachment trial to be unconstitutional, saying that the Republicans wanted to avoid making a decision on whether Trump’s remarks meet the conviction criteria.

“Some of my Republican colleagues have seized on a marginal legal theory that the Senate has no constitutional power to conduct trials because Trump is no longer in office,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Tuesday.

He said that this argument “violated precedent, historical conventions and basic common sense.”

When talking about the Trump impeachment case in an interview with the media on Monday, he said: “Listen, everyone wants to put this terrible chapter in American history behind us. But sweeping it under the carpet (hiding the problem) does not It will bring healing. The only way to bring healing is true accountability, and this interrogation provides such an opportunity. So we will continue the interrogation.”

The impeachment case will proceed as scheduled

However, the impeachment trial is expected to proceed as scheduled. The senator has sworn to serve as a juror during the impeachment trial on Tuesday, and the actual trial will begin on February 8. Patrick Leahy, the most senior Democratic senator in the Senate, will preside over the trial.

However, the 80-year-old Leahy was taken to the hospital due to illness on Tuesday.

In a statement issued on Tuesday night, his spokesperson said: “Out of caution, the attending doctor recommended that he be sent to a local hospital for observation. He is now in the hospital and will be diagnosed there.”

At around 8:40 on Tuesday evening, Leahy’s spokesperson updated the news that Leahy had undergone a thorough inspection and returned home from the hospital after receiving the test results. “He is looking forward to returning to work. Leahy and his wife Marcelle are very grateful for the blessings they received tonight.” The latest news said.

Leahy announced earlier on Monday that he will preside over the upcoming trial of Trump.

“When presiding over the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump, I will not shake my constitutional obligation to take the oath, so that the trial will be fair in accordance with the Constitution and the law,” Leahy said in a statement.

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