47 days after birth, infant died from skull fracture… Parents “I don’t remember being drunk”

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It was later known that a 47-day-old infant died of trauma such as a skull fracture. Parents have been handed over to the prosecution for abuse and are being investigated.

According to the prosecution on the 21st, the Suwon District Prosecutor’s Office is investigating his mother, A, for child abuse and fatality.

On July 6, last year, Mr. A is accused of abusing and killing a 47-year-old infant at his home in Hanam, Gyeonggi-do.

When the paramedics dispatched after receiving a report from Mr. A found Army B, Army B was already in cardiac arrest. A reportedly said that the baby who was eating the milk powder had not breathed since then. Group B was moved to the hospital but died. Medical staff suspected child abuse after checking symptoms such as skull fracture and cerebral hemorrhage in Group B. I reported it to the police. In an interview with a media outlet, a hospital official said, “It’s all fractures by turning (skull) once. Left, occipital, and front. Once dropped, you can’t do this. It cannot but be abuse.”

The National Institute of Scientific Investigation reported that Group B died from a head injury.

The police investigated Mr. A on charges of child abuse and lethality, and his father, C, on charges of neglect. In the investigation, there was also a statement that Mr. A suffered from postpartum depression.

The police determined that Army B had been altered in the process of Abusing Army B and applied for an arrest warrant to the prosecution. The prosecution also accepted this and requested a warrant for arrest in the court, but the court dismissed it for reasons such as controversy.

In October of last year, the police handed over Mr. A and Mrs. A to the prosecution in a disabled state.

It is reported that Mr. A and Mrs. A denied the charges, saying, “I can’t remember why my son became so drunk after drinking a lot of alcohol at the time.”

Yeonje Jang, reporter at [email protected]

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