4th batter blind faith, 2020 Kim Jae-hwan with Choi Hyung-woo in 2015 [MK시선]

Reporter Lee Sang-cheol of Maekyung.com MK Sports (Gocheok, Seoul)
Kim Jae-hwan, who was sluggish in the 2020 Korean series, reminds me of Choi Hyeong-woo five years ago. Samsung made a blind faith in the sluggish fourth hitter in the last Korean series, and the ending was a’sad ending’.
At the time, Samsung manager Ryu Joong-il said, “If we can’t believe our team’s number 4 hitter, who will believe? Just because you’re sluggish doesn’t mean you’re subtracting hitter 4. I will continue to believe and use it.”
However, Choi Hyung-woo hit only 0.095 batting average with two hits in 21 at-bats in the 2015 Korean Series. There were 0 RBIs. Samsung, who was on the ground, had to watch Doosan’s championship ceremony bitterly.

↑ batter 4 with his head down. As of the 23rd, Kim Jae-hwan is hitting 0.050 for the Korean Series. 0 RBIs. Photo (Gocheok, Seoul) = Reporter Cheon Jeong-hwan

Kim Jae-hwan is more serious than Choi Hyung-woo. The batting average is just 0.050 with one hit in 20 at-bats. On the 20th, in the 3rd round of the Korean Series, the only hit was a shot that struck Mike Wright at the end of the 3rd. There is no RBI.
Helpless Strikeouts have decreased since Game 3, but they have not been able to break through the defense shift of NC’s’Spiderweb’. He was at bat four times in Game 4, but all were in-field grounds. At the end of the 3rd inning, he lowered his head at 2nd 1st and 2nd base. If there was a timely hit, the game would have changed.
It’s not just the feeling of hitting bad. The feeling of coercion disappeared. It is no longer the object of fear. It’s just the fourth batter. It is Kim Jae-hwan’s long hit as hard to see as Kim Jae-hwan’s hit in this year’s postseason. There was only one home run.
Doosan was driven to the edge of the cliff with two wins and three losses. The path of the attack was blocked. He scored no goals for 19 consecutive innings. The player layer is also thin. Kim In-tae is the only one that can be used. Eventually, the existing resources have to do their part, but the body is heavy due to the accumulation of blood. The main athletes who have reached their 30s do not move their bodies like their minds.
This is the first time Doosan, who has entered the Korean Series for six consecutive years, has struggled to score one goal like this. In retrospect, the Doosan line has never been hot except for the second game of the semi-playoffs. Kim Jae-hwan is also at the center.
Coach Tae-hyung Kim was sorry for the sluggishness of the fourth hitter, “It’s not right.” However, there is no proper number 4 hitter. Fernandez Oh Jae-il cannot be left. Kim Jae-hwan cannot be removed from the lineup at all.
Director Tae-hyung Kim is also planning to moderate the number 4 hitter like coach Ryu Joong-il five years ago. “It doesn’t mean that you can change it now. I will take responsibility until the end.” He expressed his intention to appoint Kim Jae-hwan as the fourth batter in the 6th game of the Korean Series to be held on the 24th.
Doosan was outnumbered with 2-3 in the Korean series in 1995 during OB days, but produced a dramatic reversal championship drama with a victory in the 6th and 7th games. It is a corps of bears dreaming of miracles in 25 years. However, it is an impossible dream without the rebound of the fourth hitter. Kim Jae-hwan has only one chance to restore his honor. [email protected][ⓒ 매일경제 & mk.co.kr, 무단전재 및 재배포 금지]


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