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‘4th place in history’ Doosan confirmed to advance to PS for 7 consecutive years… 4th place shooter 1 win left – SPOTVNEWS

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▲ Doosan Bears Jaehwan Kim (right) hit a home run that confirmed the postseason entry for 7 consecutive years. ⓒ Yonhap News
▲ Doosan Bears’ Lee Young-ha’s counterplay stood out. ⓒ Yonhap News

[스포티비뉴스=광주, 김민경 기자] The Doosan Bears have qualified for the postseason for the 7th consecutive year.

Doosan defeated the KIA Tigers 11-5 in Game 16 of the season between the teams at the ‘2021 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League’ held at Kia Champions Field in Gwangju on the 29th. 4th place Doosan recorded 70 wins, 65 losses and 8 draws, and decided to go to the fall baseball on their own regardless of the win or loss in the remaining one game. If they win the match against the Hanwha Eagles in Daejeon on the 30th, regardless of the results of other teams, they will place 4th and play a wild card game.

Doosan has confirmed the fall baseball for seven consecutive years from 2015 to this year. It is the opening of work after Kim Tae-hyung took over as director. In addition, he increased the club’s record for most consecutive postseason appearances from six to seven years. This is the 4th place in KBO league history. Samsung’s No. 1 for 12 consecutive years (1997~2008), 2nd for 9 consecutive years (1986 to 1994), and 3rd for Samsung for 8 consecutive years (1986 to 1993).

Yang Seok-hwan and Kim Jae-hwan led the victories by running home runs side by side. Yang Seok-hwan recorded three RBIs in one hit (one homer) in four at-bats, achieving a home run against the entire club. It is the second time in his personal career since 2018. Kim Jae-hwan completed his personal career 200 home runs with 2 hits (1 homer) and 3 RBIs in 5 at-bats. After Kim Dong-ju against Jamsil Lotte on May 11, 2008, and Hong Seong-heon against Jamsil Hanwha on September 12, 2014, he became the team’s third player to hit 200 home runs.

▲ Doosan Bears Yang Seok-hwan hit a home run against the former team for the second time in his personal career. ⓒ Yonhap News

While the game was played on a bullpen day, Lee Young-ha’s performance stood out. Lee Young-ha started as the 4th pitcher and reduced the bullpen overload by holding out 2⅓ innings, 1 hit, 2 strikeouts, 3 strikeouts and no runs. Starting pitcher Kim Myung-shin allowed 2 runs in 1⅓ innings, followed by Myung-jun Yoon (⅔ innings), Seung-yong Choi (1⅓ innings and 1 run), Young-ha Lee (2⅓ innings, no runs), Hwi Kwon (2 innings), and Kyo-hun Lee (2 runs in 1 inning).

From the start, he beat the opponent starting pitcher Yoon Joong-hyun. After two shots in the first inning against 0-0, Park Geon-woo and Kim Jae-hwan hit consecutive hits, and Yang Seok-hwan blew 3 points on the left to take the lead 3-0. In the beginning of the second inning, Park Geon-woo’s two RBI in the left inning made it 5-0.

If KIA could catch up, Park Se-hyeok would hit the right time and widen the distance. Park Se-hyeok’s right-handed hit in the 1st and 2nd bases of the 3rd inning, which was chased 5-2, came out, and in the 5th, 1st, 1st and 2nd, leading 6-3, Se-hyeok Park’s heavy hit and just-timed hit in the 5th inning led him to run away to 7-3.

Jaehwan Kim blew a shot that broke KIA’s will to pursue. In the 6th inning, Fernandes and Park Geon-woo’s consecutive walks allowed him to hit a three-run homer on the first and second bases. It was a room that gave a break to the Pilseung group, who had been on a tight schedule all week. In the ninth inning, the assistant added one more point with a one-run time hit.

KIA hit a two-run homer late in the ninth inning, chasing Kim Seok-hwan, but it was not enough to turn the game around.

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