4th place is not enough. “Liverpool” will skip playing in the UCL immediately if “Manchester United-Chelsea” wins the European Championship.

On June 22, 2023, Liverpool, the English Premier League team, has the right to skip playing in the UEFA Champions League. Although they struggled to finish 4th in the table.

The latest situation, Arsenal and Manchester City are competing for the Premier League champion title, with “The Blues” having 8 points behind the crowd leader “Cannon”, followed by the “Red Devils” Manchester United and “Golden Chicken Spur” Tottenham Hotspur respectively

However, even if the “Reds”, currently 6th in the table, struggle to finish 4th, they still have the right to miss out on qualifying for UEFA Champions League season 2023-24 in accordance with UEFA rules. declare that playing football in the european club cup Only a maximum of 5 teams in each league are allowed to play.

And if the 2022-23 season ends with Manchester United and Chelsea falling out of the top 4, but able to win the Europa League and UEFA Champions League respectively, it will make the “Red Devils” and “Navy Lions Blue” along with teams. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the Premier League Hold hands and win the right to play in the UCL.


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