5/21 (Sat) Meiji Yasuda Life J1 Section 14 Osaka Derby Match Information | Gamba Osaka Official Site

Held on 5/21 (Sat.) at[2022 Meiji Yasuda Life J1 League Section 14 Osaka Derby 14:00 Kick-off]under the management of the home club, it will be held in accordance with the following J League new coronavirus infection control guidelines. increase.
In addition, watching information, watching manners, rules, etc. are posted on the official homepage of the home club.
Please be sure to check in advance and cooperate in observing the rules when watching the game.

[Click here for J.League New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Control Guidelines]

[Click here for Cerezo Osaka support and watching rules]

Gamba Osaka fans and supporters are kindly requested to watch and support DAZN as well!
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