5.3 tons of oil left in the sea, “SPRC” issued a statement after the spill in the middle of the Rayong sea

5.3 tons of oil left in the sea, “SPRC” issued a statement after the leak in the middle of the Rayong sea

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in the event of a crude oil spill Single buoy deep-water mooring area in the middle of the sea or oil transfer point at sea Which is 20 kilometers from the coast of Map Ta Phut Port, Rayong Province, to the southeast at 21.06 hours on 25 January, which all sectors are accelerating to help resolve According to the news already

Latest progress at 19:00 on 26 January 65, SPRC Petroleum Refining Public Company Limited has issued a statement No. 4 that the company has recently calculated the pressure (Pressure Balance) found that there are The amount of crude oil spills is approximately 20 – 50 tons. by ships and helicopters of the Royal Thai Navy Region 1

After flying, it was discovered that Now the company can control the amount of oil stains in a limited range And there is still about 5.3 tons of oil in the sea. The company still operates the refinery. The company can still operate with safety as usual.

As for the people of Rayong and the operators on Mae Ramphueng Beach and Rayong Beach They were worried that the oil stains would float in. which will affect tourism In addition, fishermen in the area near the water leak point. They had to stop going fishing. for fear that the caught fish cannot be sold Because buyers may be afraid that there are chemicals contaminated by marine animals.



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