5 Best Low-Cost Marketing Strategies for Startups


In the case of marketing, money will help you raise capital and achieve your final goals. The rules of nature are valid for the business medium: enthusiasts won’t be able to get something with zero resources, no matter how hard they are ready to try. From this perspective, getting acquainted with low-cost ideas to boost startups is actively targeted in the modern market.

Given startup budgets are as tight and limited as possible, the operation of newcomers like the Black Diamond casino seems a miracle. Stay tuned to find out what marketing tools will work efficiently to cater to your brand needs. Let’s get straight into the topic!

Adopting the Best Marketing Tactics

Unlike huge advertising projects, low-cost strategies are developed in such a way as to return back every single coin spent. Effective marketing campaigns will guarantee startup projects won’t fail and have the resources to survive the initial after-release stages.

There can be differences in the ranking, depending on your target goals. The illustrated methods are distinguished with their multifunctionality and multioperational efficiency, which leads to their universal suitability for something like Black Diamond casinos and brands in the IT business sector. 

Social Media Marketing

Probably, it is the most popular solution on the list. Even if you don’t have a decent budget for multiple online activities, personal and computational resources are more crucial. At the same time, the understanding of how different social media channels function will be more complimentary than investing a lot of funds into Facebook advertisements only.

TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms will become wonderful brand awareness tools. Enthusiasts will also be enabled to hook new niches and find access to previously non-available audiences. Taking the user specifics of such domains into account, you will also get numerous details to apply for your brand analytics and come up with better service decisions.

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Email Marketing

The suggested format seems to be outdated and inefficient, but it is included in the list for a reason. There are some research data that estimates the profitability of this solution at a return on investment of more than three hundred percent. Anyway, it is a good chance to reach out to customers who don’t use social media frequently.


Here is a quick sample from the gambling industry. Enthusiasts can adjust the performance by any intuition, including the Black Diamond casino performance, by providing bonuses for inviting a friend to the web, sharing your site link with him/her, etc. This rewarding practice works like word of mouth. In addition, there is more trust in the recommendation from your friends or acquaintances than from unknown users on forums.

Content Marketing

This strategy is aimed at retaining an audience by keeping up with your site’s contextuality and letting them know what they are interested in. In this case, the following projects will be advantageous:

  • With the help of on-site infographics, as well as the general analysis of the market, users will be able to visit your store and get to know the provided information in the knowledge base section. If your solutions seem appealing, more conscious attention to them will take place.
  • You can combine two roles. Aside from being a member of the startup’s personnel, your duties can relate to blogging as well. According to statistics, websites with blogs increase the leads by sixty-seven percent compared to alternative domains without this feature. Besides, several users find it useful to check additional details about the product/service before placing an order. So enthusiasts can achieve higher growth rates without significant monetary investments (creative thinking and time resources are must-have components thought).
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Content Marketing

 To sum up, content marketing tools are gorgeous when it comes to using the original resources of your startup. FAQs and chatbots are wonderful solutions to consider as a part of this advertising strategy. They will let interested parties kill two birds with one stone — hook more customers and create an image of a “well-educated” platform simultaneously.

Search Engine Optimization

This strategy is a meaningful part of content marketing too. You prepare all the text information to ensure it won’t be attractive not only for users but for internet search engines as well. There are free online tools to guide you through the process. Later on, when you achieve more resources, this parameter can be smoothly upgraded.

How to Kick-Start Your Business: Special Edition

In practice, one of the best strategies to attract more attention to your services is to ensure they are robust and multioperational. On the sample of the Black Diamond casino, you can easily understand what domain features will be appealing and self-advertizing in their nature:

  • Offer qualitative freebies — online gambling establishments are famous for their welcome packages after registration and regular promotions for their audience. Such free deals increase customer loyalty and are what consumers usually look for choosing between a few sites.
  • Assortment — the catalog of the Black Diamond casino site includes multiple games such as live dealer entertainment and slot machines. In non-related fields, a similar approach is appreciated. If you distribute jewelry, a selection of different metals will be appreciated. For those parties that sell exquisite Spanish delicacies, it is important to accompany their deals with gift baskets and other offers that will make their online catalog stand out. A lot depends on your creativity in this case. If you have found partner brands, it is a brilliant opportunity to arrange unparalleled all-inclusive affairs for interested parties.
  • Security — nuances make the difference. Intuitive navigation, data encryption, as well as two-factor authentication will represent your attitude toward details and the desire to level up your platform’s safety and convenience.
  • Payment methods — another reason why customers abandon their carts is the absence of suitable banking methods or a too complicated order-placing process. In the case of online gambling establishments, customers are lucky to bet and play multiple slot machines comfortably. Although the list of deposit and withdrawal features can differ, it surely includes some standard and non-typical payment methods.
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In the table below, you will see more advantageous ways to promote your startup in the market without investing a fortune in professional advertising services.

Consider guest blog postsYour advertisements can become a part of bargain deals. If you combine content marketing with targeting potential partners, the efficiency of these deals will level up.
Choose PPC campaignsAlso known as pay-per-click services, these are special advertisements from Google. They don’t cost a lot and help you increase your ranking in the Google Search listing.
Compare online and offline solutionsDesktop programs for advertising materials are accessible for free in several cases, so your expenditures will be defined by the quality of paper and ink to publish flyers, brochures, etc. This approach will be the right decision (analogous to the creation of business cards for your brands) if you participate in local service presentations and grant competitions.
Consider your costumes’ expectationsTry to become a user of your own startup. By changing the perspective, it will be easier to catch what marketing tricks are better to incorporate into the current system without compromising its quality.


Hosting an advertising online event for your brand is a great idea to start seeking new customers and see how rivals react to your moves. Whether you are a fan of classic tools like email marketing or something more progressive such as slots on the Black Diamond casino site (pardon, creating a brand referral program), the best approach is to take your time to analyze all the available low-cost tools.


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