5 billion viewers for the Qatar World Cup; First in history

Doha: The Qatar World Cup was watched by 5 billion fans worldwide. 150 crore people watched the finale alone. Official figures have been released by FIFA. The Qatar World Cup is the most watched tournament in World Cup history.

The final was watched by 1.5 billion fans live on television with 88,966 people sitting in the Lucille Stadium, the Argentina-France final was the second largest gallery attendance at a World Cup final. In this regard, the Brazil-Italy final 94 is ahead.

According to estimates, a total of 5 billion people watched the World Cup 93.6 million social media messages came during the World Cup, with a reach of 262 billion or 262 billion. Figures show that the Qatar World Cup, which won the best World Cup of this century in terms of organization, also set a record in the number of spectators.

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