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[5 books this morning]Carefully selected news to read at the beginning of work –Bloomberg

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The keywords that are attracting attention in the tax reform are “100 million yen wall” in Japan, an order of magnitude billionaire in the United States, and “1 billion dollar (about 140 billion yen) wall”.Some hedge fund managers are angry at the unprecedented Democratic initiative to tax the return on investment of the ultra-rich, but at least ostensibly to tax the wealthy, with the condition that “if used correctly”.Some millionaires show a positive attitude. Congressional Budget Office (In a July report, the CBO) forecast a budget deficit of $ 1.15 trillion for the 2022 fiscal year (October 2009-September 2010). Below are five news items to keep in mind as you start your day.

Millionaire individual burden

Chinese authorities say debt crisis worsensHe instructed the founder of Evergrande Group to use his personal assets to repay his debt. A person familiar with the situation revealed. The central government’s demands indicate a low willingness to embark on a permanent bailout. As part of “joint wealth” aimed at reducing asset inequality, President Xi Jinping is tightening the tightening of the wealthy. The next hurdle for Evergrande is the 29th of this month, when the 30-day grace period ends with interest payments on dollar-denominated bonds. Even if this is overcome, the total payment deadline for onshore and offshore bonds will be approximately $ 7.4 billion (approximately 850 billion yen) in 2022.

Tunnel exit

Semiconductor lead time (the time it takes from ordering to delivery) was the smallest increase in the past nine months in October.Has hit a wide range of industriesIt suggests that the semiconductor shortage may finally be alleviated. According to a survey by the Susquehanna Financial Group, the lead time in October was only one day longer than the previous month. By type of semiconductor, power semiconductors used for power supply management and semiconductors in the optoelectronics field have become shorter, while microcontrollers used by automobile manufacturers have increased by as much as six weeks.

Untouched $ 5 trillion

The latest tax bills warmed by the US Democratic Party are targeting the US “billionaire” and their ever-expanding return on investment without being taxed. In the United States, more than 800 people, including billionaires with assets of more than $ 1 billion (about 114 billion yen), have total assets of more than $ 5 trillion. This amount has more than doubled in the last five years. Unprecedented Democratic “Leon Cooperman, who manages hedge funds, said he was indignant at the “billionaire tax” initiative, saying, “Is the United States a capitalist or socialist state?”


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is a Chinese state-owned telecommunications company,China Telecom has revoked its US business license. Tightened tightening on Chinese telecommunications companies for security reasons. The US division of China Telecom has been holding a business license since 2002. The company is one of the three major Chinese telecommunications companies. “It is possible for the Chinese government to exert influence and control the company’s activities,” said Rosenwessel, acting chairman of the FCC. He also said that the security review of China Unicom and Comnet was “moving swiftly” toward completion.

Does it reflect a decrease in infection?


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