5 brokers assess the October SET sideways in the 1,520 frame

5 brokers look at the October Side SET, 1,520 – 1,650 point frame after the Fed maintains a consistent stance on raising interest rates to curb inflation as a sentiment to put pressure on stocks, but believes that the SET will recover in the second half of the month. After the market has recognized many negative factors Moreover, looking disadvantage is limited. After the last month, the SET has adjusted the strong base. but recommends sticking The results of the Chinese Communist Party meeting on 16 October are expected to extend Xi Jinping for a third term, while keeping an eye on easing Zero-Covid measures. UOB believes that the index will improve in the second half of the month.

Mr Kitphon Praipaisalkit, Director of Analysis and Strategy Department, UOB Kay Hian Securities (Thailand) revealed that the SET Index was assessed for October at 1,580 – 1,630 points, considering that the first half of the month the index cannot perform better because it is still affected by negative factors. For example, the global economic slowdown is putting pressure on the index, but the index is expected to recover in the second half of the month. Because the market has already recognized the negative factors of the global economic slowdown.

The Trinity gives the Oct SET frame at 1,550-1,650 points.

Mr. Nuttachat Mekmasin, Assistant Managing Director of Securities Department analyst from Trinity Securities has assessed the SET Index for October at 1,550 – 1,650 points. The index is expected to continue swinging. At the beginning of the month it may face obstacles from the same foreign factors, namely the interest rate increase policy. On the acceleration of the Fed

“If US economic data to come out in October is headed in the same direction as demand-driven inflation heats up. It is very likely that the dollar and US bond yields will continue to rise initially. This will indirectly affect various variables of risky assets.” Mr Nuttachat said

Here are the important events to follow this month: The meeting of the Communist Party of China, which will start on October 16, is expected to extend the term of President Xi Jinping for a third term and watch for the easing of the zero-Covid measures. , if it doesn’t happen, it could be a negative sentiment for the Chinese stock market as well.

Ira recommends the following factors OPEC oil production cuts

On the side of Mr. Narongdej Chantarapaisan, “Assistant Director of Securities Analysis Department, AIRA Securities, who assessed the SET Index frame in October at 1,520 – 1,630 points, considering that this month the index will move sideways because it is still there Not are there any new factors to support But last month the SET Index adjusted the base from the high interest issue. and the baht has already weakened a lot
Although the factors to monitor in October are external factors such as OPEC’s announcement of a 1 million barrel per day cut in oil production and the country’s September inflation figures. If it begins to decline from the previous month This will allow the market to ease some concerns about the Fed’s rate policy rate acceleration.

Financia looks downside, the market is narrowing After adjusting the strength

An analysis of Finansia Syrus Securities assessed the SET Index for October at 1,575 – 1,640 points. The index is still volatile, but expect narrower downside after the index has already revised strongly. from the trend of inflation and interest rates that are higher and longer than market estimates

The factor that still needs to be monitored is global economic numbers. and operating results of listed companies (Co., Ltd.) in the third quarter of 2022 of the commercial bank group

Dao sees the index remaining volatile from interest rate hikes by the central bank

and the analysis Dao Securities (Thailand) has assessed the SET Index in October at 1,550 – 1,630 points. The index is expected to fluctuate from various central banks’ interest rate hikes. that could lead the economy into recession Including the appreciation of the dollar, pressure on both the baht. and other currencies to devalue In addition, the Ukrainian-Russian problem is not over yet so still affects energy prices.

Securities look at the index target
UOB 1,580 – 1,630
Trinity 1,550 – 1,650
IRA 1,520 – 1,630
Ariana 1,575 – 1,640
DAO 1,550 – 1,630