5 highlights of Khon Arts and Crafts episode “Spell Troops” Know before visiting to enhance the taste!

Institute for the Advancement of Arts and Crafts in Her Majesty Queen Sirikit Her Majesty the Queen Prepares to open the curtain for the Khon performance of the Institute for the Advancement of Arts and Crafts for the year 2022 chapters “Spell the army” Between 30 Oct.-5 Dec 65 in the main auditorium of the Cultural Center of Thailand

Ready to come back to create a spectacular after being gone for 2 years for the Khon performance of the Foundation for the Promotion of Arts and Crafts for the year 2022, Ramayana, this time, “Spell the Troop”. who has prepared many special highlights to impress the audience is the restoration of the dance which is difficult to find The scene of the show which adds color to the splendor including several special steps To add more fun to Hanuman’s adventures. to be more exciting It’s great value for audiences of all ages.

Khon, the Foundation for the Promotion of Arts and Crafts, chapter “Spell the Troop” is the presentation of the royal writings of His Majesty King Buddha Yodfa Chulalok the Great. come as a show so use the spelling of the name “Maiyarap” according to the royal script which is different from the episode “Battle of Mayarap” displayed in 2011 as a royal poem Somdej Phra Buddha Loetla Nabhalai

What fun to visit on the day of the show Today we bring you 5 highlights of the main characters in this episode. Let the audience get to know each other first. to improve the viewing experience

:: The year “Maiyarap” 2022 with the songs Naphat and Thanimphimpaporn which will appear to the audience for the first time.

1. The first time there was a revival of the song Naphat Damnoen Brahmin. use with Khon Maiyarap

It has a history since the beginning of Rattanakosin by Ajarn Pramet Bunyachai, Senior Advisor. Discussing the specialties of Khon, the Institute for the Promotion of Art and Craft It’s Khon which uses knowledge from expert teachers in all fields, including Khon, drama, music, the composing arts, diligent collaboration. Every step is done with precision. There are dance moves rarely seen anywhere, such as the Naphat song used to accompany Khon Maiyarap. It is an ancient Brahmin page. it has a long history Since the beginning of Rattanakosin Which is almost gone, but Kru Aram Intaranat has passed this dance process to the next generation of artists. For Khon’s performance, episode “Spell the Troop”

2. Maiyarap dressed in royal robes according to the royal inscriptions of King Rama I

Maiyarap was ordained a hermit. So, they wore beautiful red dresses for the ceremony. Also recreated more than 100 costumes from Maiyarap and other pantomimes.

Battle of Hanuman Machanu
:: The adventures of “Hanuman” at different levels in the rhetoric of King Rama I

3. Have fun and exciting adventures on a variety of levels. where the elite elite soldiers have to fight

It takes up to 7 actors who play the role of Hanuman in each performance. Dr Surat Chongda, the show’s director and scriptwriter, said, “The Ramayana has many expressions. This time, the royal writings of King Rama I were used for teaching Thai language in the lower secondary school. to make a show that has a different way of telling and acting the story So it’s an episode with a lot of adventure scenes. That brings fun from the story of Hanuman’s battle. great primate Rama having to go through different checkpoints like Chang Tok Mun checkpoint hill gates collide The mosquito checkpoint is as big as a chicken. The battlefield of Hanuman, Machanu, etc. to help Rama come back. and the audience will love Hanuman’s adventures which are absolutely loved by audiences of all genders and ages.”

4. Excited for new climax scenes Add spectacular mechanical technique.

This time at the end of the story, there are more highlight scenes from the episode. ‘Battle of Mairap’ performed 10 years ago was the scene where Hanuman had to freak out. A giant transformation, 4 faces, 8 hands, high in the air, moving with modern mechanisms. including other impressive scenes Will be modified to add more exciting techniques, such as the scene where Hanuman has to cut a lotus stem and jumped into the pond and the Hanuman Nompholabphla scene that will show elaboration to create more scenes exciting

Matchanu is played by a child actor
:: The versatility of young actors in the role of “Matchanu”

5. See the talents of Khon’s young actors
For the first time, 7 primary school children from the age of 9 have been intensively trained to play the role of Machanu, the son of Hanuman and Mrs Suwan Matcha. In the Machanu battle, there is also a unique dance process, such as the Loi Matchanu gesture. This is a battle stance that must show the power of the Khon performers very much.

Hanuman fights mosquitoes as big as Mae Kai
People interested in watching the Khon chapter of the Art and Craft Promotion Foundation Performance 2022 “Shalt Thap” at the Main Auditorium, Thailand Cultural Center Tickets can be purchased at all branches of Thai Ticket Major or www.thaiticketmajor.com Tickets are priced at 1,820 /1,520/1,020/820/620 baht, around students and students, tickets are 200 baht (with a break from the show every Monday and Tuesday) Details via FB: Khon Performance Khon, the Foundation for the Promotion of Arts and Crafts



Teacher Pramet Bunyachai

Surat Chongda

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