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5 highlights, the latest OPPO A95, transforming the OPPO A Series, an important match

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OPPO A95, the latest mid-range smartphone in the OPPO A Series family under the concept “Smart to the extreme” has been mentioned about the eye-catching exterior design with smart performance for use. for real entertainment In this article, we will delve deeper into the 5 highlights that OPPO has hidden behind the thought process.

1. Great specs with RAM Expansion technology for enhanced gaming performance.

Gaming is an activity that requires a lot of processing to produce images and sounds. The important thing is that the space and memory in the smartphone must always be free to support high processing so that the game does not lag. OPPO A95 comes with a large RAM of 8GB and ROM 128GB.

Together with RAM Expansion technology that can be activated when there is not enough RAM, users can choose to convert part of the ROM in the smartphone to RAM up to 5GB for a total of 13GB.

In order to make it able to process faster, more smoothly, without interruption, in addition, OPPO A95 comes in the power of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 processor chipset that allows for smooth speed and energy efficiency. Enhanced with System Booster, which helps to improve the performance of the processor for faster gaming.

2. Penetrate user behavior in the new era, life in a hurry Big battery-fast charging system for the most smart life

Before deciding to buy a smartphone Many people may look at the design first. or someone looks at the camera first But I want you to look at the statistics of using mobile phones of Thai people in 2021. Thai people use social media as the main channel to update news. 1 in the world, love to play games ranked number 1 3 of the world, commonly used Most Instagram 16 of the world, and there are 18.8% more Tiktok users this year. 2021 can be called standing at one without losing anyone We are almost always on our smartphones all day.

So the battery is the first issue. that should be considered before buying a smartphone OPPO understands the usage behavior of the new generation. So full of big batteries for all day use in OPPO A95, up to 5,000mAh and 33W Flash Charge fast charging technology, fully charged to 100% in 72 minutes and in 15 minutes, it can be charged up to 30%. Flash Charge can be charged quickly. Just 5 minutes of charging. You can watch YouTube up to 1.81 hours, Instagram up to 1.37 hours or voice calls up to 5.73 hours.

3. Super unique design for OPPO Glow Design glittering back cover.

OPPO Glow Design is an innovative design exclusive to OPPO with meticulous steps and attention to detail. Starting from the engineering team select the crystal glass parts with the best clarity and tactile quality to create the mold. It was then subjected to a multi-layer process before being etched in a 99.9% vacuum environment.

during this process Millions of nanoscale glowing star-like glittering diamonds are born. Before becoming the back cover of OPPO A95 that stands out and is more special than all the previous A series smartphones, with both colors of OPPO A95, whether it is silver (rainbow sparkle), glowing rainbow silver that reflects The multicolored glow of a rainbow when it hits different lights, or a Glowing Starry Black that resembles the reflection of stars shining through the darkness of night.

Not only is the appearance that stands out, but the back cover of OPPO A95 is also full of care in terms of practicality. Prevent fingerprints and scratches as well to make the device look like new for a long time and also gives the skin a soft and smooth touch while using So it can be used in everyday life without worries. and lightness with a body dimension that is only 7.9 mm thin and weighs only 175 grams

4. A wide screen that comes with AMOLED FHD + screen and front camera Punch-hole display

Ready to be a partner to have the most fun and create a superior experience, OPPO A95 comes with a large AMOLED FHD + screen, up to 6.43 inches, compared to the screen-to-body ratio of 90.8%, helping Maximize screen performance There is also a screen resolution that has been upgraded to 2400 x 1080 pixels, enhancing the clarity. There is also an All-Day AI Eye Care feature that can automatically adjust the screen brightness to suit each lighting condition. Helps to protect the user’s eyes and feel comfortable during use. It also has a punch-hole front camera that lights up when activated.

OPPO A95 5Highlights

5. AI 3 camera after taking beautiful photos easily don’t think too much

No more complicated photo editing. One shot, beautiful, complete, simply because OPPO A95 comes with AI 3 rear cameras with a maximum resolution of 48MP, which automatically learns and memorizes all adjustments that are suitable for each photo. Including the front camera with a resolution of up to 16MP, it can work with AI to adjust the facial skin according to the surrounding environment more precisely and variety. Make beautiful selfies more fun.

5 cool highlights from the latest OPPO A95, smart to the extreme Makes me know that this time OPPO is serious Prepare to raise the standard of smartphones in the OPPO A Series family after this, of course, own the OPPO A95 today at a price of 9,499 baht. There are 2 colors: Silver (Rainbow) Glowing Rainbow Silver and Black Glowing Starry Black at OPPO. Brand Shop, every branch and dealers across the country

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