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5 hot boys! Indulge yourself with the LIVE STREAMING event to celebrate 32 years!! King Power 14-18 October

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King Power invitation to travel ‘Im Aim Thip’ with 5 artists and singers in the form of LIVE STREAMING at the event “32ND ANNIVERSARY DELIGHTS & SURPRISES Travel Thip – can’t travel. But my heart wants to shop.” From 18.00 onwards via FACEBOOK KING POWER (Facebook King Power) on October 14-18, 2021

To give happiness through tourism, even if you can’t travel yet, you can ‘Im Aim Thip’ with traveling through LIVE STREAMING along with 5 artists and young singers in the event 32ND ANNIVERSARY DELIGHTS & SURPRISES Thang Thip- can’t travel but my heart wants to shop which offers promotions to shop at the best value without having to fly with cosmetics, perfumes and leading brand name products for 5 special days, 14-18 October, in addition to the most valuable promotions There are also entertainment activities that allow you to enjoy yourself by traveling with 5 artists, singers, and fun games. Starting at 18.00 hrs.

The first day, October 14, with entertainment from James-Mar. that will take you to experience the dream attractions like a ‘Dream Trip’ in Scotland The place of dreams of many people. Including following the impression of the young hero’s trip to find the northern lights in Finland

15 October Mew – Suphasit, a famous actor and teenage artist, takes you to Shop Thip, check-in shopping in China, Shanghai, Beijing and Hawaii that tourists can’t miss.

•October 16, don’t miss out for art tourists, young singer Non-Thanon will invite you to see art in the style of ‘Art Trip’ to Barcelona, ​​along with attractions that collect world-class art masterpieces.

•17 October, join the adventure travel with the rising star Got-Itthipat, who will take you on a ‘Leading Trip’ journey in Turkey.

•18 October, the hero of the Saab figure, Krating-Khunnarong, takes you to the area of ​​delicious restaurants with the activity ‘Full trip with delicious restaurants at Niseko.

Join in the fun with entertainment in the LIVE STREAMING activity in the event “32ND ANNIVERSARY DELIGHTS & SURPRISES. But the heart wants to shop” for a special 5 days from 14-18 October. Find many activities from 12.00 and enjoy a variety of travel activities with 5 artists and singers who alternate to entertain at 6:00 PM. and join the best value shopping online without having to fly with products delivered to your home with KING POWER PERSONAL SHOPPER service that provides superior service as if shopping by yourself via VDO CALL with 2 new shopping channels KING POWER CALL TO SHOP at number 02-338-7870 and KING POWER CHAT TO SHOP via LINE APPLICATION Just add friends in LINE : @KP_ChatToShop Or you can shop in person at King Power Rangnam, Pattaya, Phuket throughout October.


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