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5 million shareholders of the Big 5 company… The whole nation’s stock investment era

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Samsung Electronics 2.96 million people… 5 times in a year↑
Half of the listed stocks in Korea are owned by’ant’

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It was found that Samsung Electronics’ shareholders reached 3 million. In addition, one out of ten citizens was listed on the list of shareholders of the top five companies in the securities market (based on the number of investors). It is evaluated that the stock investment fever that has raged after Corona 19 has entered the’all nation’s stock investment era’.

According to the Korea Securities Depository on the 16th, the number of shareholders of 2352 listed corporations (excluding duplicate owners) in December settlement was about 9.19 million (as of December 31, last year), up 48.5% from the end of the previous year. The stocks they owned were about 99.1 billion stocks, which was found to have an average of 1,779 shares per person.

The company with the most stockholders was Samsung Electronics (about 2.96 million), which is about five times higher than that of a year ago (610,000 people). Next was Hyundai Motor Company (690,000) KEPCO (580,000) Kakao (560,000) and SK Hynix (430,000). These top five companies have about 5.22 million shareholders.

5 million shareholders of the'Big 5'company…  'The era of equity investment for the whole nation'

With the popularization of stock investment, individual investors now own half of the domestic listed stocks. At the end of last year, the KOSDAQ market, the KONEX market, held 49.7 billion shares of private investors, accounting for 50.2% of the total stocks. This was followed by corporations (36.4 billion shares) and foreigners (12.5 billion shares). Even in 2016, the proportion of personal possessions exceeded 50%, but at that time, it fell to less than half in one year. The general evaluation of stock prices is that the situation is different this time. As the nationwide stock investment craze is blowing, there is a high possibility that the increase trend will be maintained. Individuals also net bought 660,000 shares in the stock market alone this year.

John Lee, president of Meritz Asset Management, said, “In the past, many people viewed stock investment as a gambling, but now the mindset of the normal economic activity of a capitalist society is taking place. We need various government support such as benefits,” he said.

Increase cash dividends and receive opinions from minority shareholders in advance
Donghak ant’power of numbers’… The scenery of the stock shot has also changed.

In the KOSDAQ market, there were many bio stock investors. Celltrion Healthcare shareholders ranked first with 290,000, and Shillagen (170,000), HLB (140,000), and Celltrion Pharmaceutical (130,000) ranked 3rd to 5th. The second place was Kakao Games (270,000 people), which garnered great interest through IPO last year.

The main group of stock investors was analyzed as’males in their 40s and 50s living in Seoul’. Stocks in their 50s and 40s were 16.4 billion and 12.6 billion, respectively. The share of all age groups was 33.1% and 25.3%. The share of shares held by men was 73.3%, and by region, the share of Seoul residents accounted for 57.2%, more than half.

If investors are further subdivided by place of residence, gender, and age, the number of’males in their 40s living in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do’ was the largest at 34,400, followed by’males in their 40s living in Gangnam-gu, Seoul’ (34,100), and ’40 living in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do It was in the order of’vs. men’ (33,100 people). The group with the most stocks was’a man in his 50s who lives in Gangnam-gu, Seoul,’ with a total of 1.14 billion shares. Men in their 40s in the same region followed 830 million weeks.

As the number of individual investors increases, the shareholder-friendly policy of listed companies is also strengthening. Samsung Electronics introduced an online shareholders’ meeting for the first time this year. This is because the interest of minority shareholders increased as much as’Donghak ants’ influxed in the corona 19 crash and Samsung Electronics emerged as a’national stock’. A bulletin board for pre-question registration has also been opened so that any shareholder can post questions.

As individual investors become stronger, the policy to return to shareholders is also strengthening. LG Chem, which suffered a measles due to the controversy over the division of LG Energy Solutions, decided to promote cash dividends of at least KRW 10,000 per common share over the next three years to appease individual investors.

As the commercial law is revised this year, the role of individual investors is growing. One or more audit committee members are separately appointed, and the voting rights of the major shareholders are limited to 3%, so the vote of individual investors is an important variable in the shareholders’ meeting. Kumho Petrochemical’s chairman Park Chan-gu and his nephew Park Cheol-wan, who are in a vote, are competing with individual investors to’expand dividends’.

Seegene’s stock price fell by more than 30% this year alone, after being withdrawn from the financial authorities for fraudulent accounting. Seegene shareholders are protesting in front of the headquarters, demanding that the representative resign and increase dividends. In order to appease shareholders’ complaints, Seegene announced that it would make a resolution at the regular shareholders’ meeting on the 26th, such as introducing quarterly dividends, expanding the stock issuance limit (50 million shares → 300 million shares), and purchasing treasury shares worth 30 billion won.

Reporter Yang Byeong-hoon/Go Jae-yeon [email protected]

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