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“5 million won at childbirth, incentive four times a year”… Isaac Toast welfare’talk’

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[이데일리 김소정 기자] The special welfare of the toast brand’Isac Toast’ is a hot topic online.

On the 30th, on the YouTube’King Nego’, broadcaster Jang Young-ran was revealed to negotiate a price with Isaac Toast.

On this day, Jang Young-ran raided the store before visiting the Isaac Toast headquarters. On this day, Jang Young-ran asked the store owner, “Is there anything you want from the head office?”

Accordingly, the store owner said, “No. Even the goods are not sent from the head office expensively. The head office is cheaper than other places,” he said. The storekeeper hoped that he would like to run an Isaac Toast store until he can feel it.

In February, CEO Kim Ha-kyung, Isaac Toast, appeared on tvN’You Quiz on the Block’ and said that he did not receive membership fees in order to reduce the burden on the franchisees. In addition, it said that it only connects companies and store owners so that they can do business directly without paying for interior costs.

YouTube’Nego King’ capture.

The welfare of the employees of the headquarters was also disclosed. “Toast and drinks are free,” said the marketing staff. Instead, you have to make it yourself.”

In addition, 5 million won is provided if an employee or employee’s wife gives birth. If the second childbirth is given twice as much as 10 million won. Incentives are paid four times a year, and department store gift certificates are presented on birthdays.

YouTube’Nego King’ capture.

After hearing this, Jang Young-ran said he couldn’t believe it and asked other employees. A male employee in the brand strategy team who gave birth to twins certified that “10 million won came in the day after (wife) gave birth.” In response, netizens responded with “Isac toast welfare is great”, “CEO is a lot,” and “The birth rate of employees at the headquarters is likely to be very high”.

Meanwhile, on this day, Young-ran Jang and CEO Kim Ha-gyeong began to negotiate the price. Jang Young-ran requested that the price of’Ham Cheese Toast’, the best selling Isaac Toast, be sold for 1,000 won. It is currently sold for 2600 won.

CEO Kim said that 1,000 won is unreasonable. “I will do it at 1,400 won for 2003. Our franchise opened in 2003. I will do it at that time,” he said. In addition, CEO Kim said he would donate 100 won for each ham cheese toast sold.

This Nego King event runs from May 1st to 5th. However, orders can only be made through Naver orders, and orders can be made once per person. In addition, customers who purchase more than 8,000 won will receive a picnic mat on a first-come, first-served basis.


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