5 movies – Korean series that come with powerful female characters on Netflix

The definition of the word “woman” has changed in today’s world. It is reflected in many films and series that are currently trending on Netflix, especially in the form of breaking the stereotype of female lead characters from the traditional image. which as well as being a new period To test her acting skills These characters also portray the diversity of women. to coincide with “International Women’s Day” which takes place on March 8 every year. Today, we have collected together the wonderful works of the mothers who are currently tending to present. Let’s go and see if there are any other stories that our children cannot miss!

# The mother takes revenge for eighteen years It’s not too late.

If you want to know about a woman whose soul was shattered by the violence at school. How much will she be able to do to exact revenge on those who were involved in destroying her childhood? Introducing the series The Glory which tells the carefully-planned revenge epic of Moon Dong Eun (played by Song Hye Kyo). released for the first week.

The Glory Come back with part 2 on March 10 to reveal the end of the epic revenge. Viewers will witness the descent into disaster of those who once bullied Moon Dong Eun. Which can be said to be no compromise And will leave an emotional resonance that has been imprinted on audiences around the world for a long time.

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# The mother can kill.


If looking for action movies Where the heroine comes in a destructive action Kill and kill Introducing a new movie from Netflix. Kil Bok soon (Killing a Boxer) An invited South Korean production in the Special Section of the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival is about Gil Bok-sun (played by Jeon Do Yeon) living two very different lives. A mother of a teenage daughter and a legendary killer The company hires the industry’s top killers. When she has to choose between the mission of killing someone and raising someone. Bok-sun refuses the assignment. and he was inevitably involved in fighting

Jeon Do Yeon from the latest works as Quick Romance (A Crash Course in Romance) Back in the role of the mother of a murderer who had just listened to the plot smelling boiling and bloody. Pin and wait to see her new work together on 31st March on Netflix.

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# The mother who doesn’t believe in love

love you

If you are looking for a series of romantic comedies that are not monotonous There is a fierce heroine who is not considerate of anyone. not bowing down to anyone easily especially men Introducing Yeo Mi Ran (played by Kim Ok Bin), a young lawyer who hates losing to men. of the series Teasing hard, loving hard (Love to Hate You) which tells the story between her and Nam Kang Ho (played by Yoo Tae Oh), a famous actor in Korea who does not trust women. The two first faced each other as enemies. There were misunderstandings, prejudices and mistrust between the two. Viewers will follow the journey of two people who do not believe in love. until we come to understand each other and find that he has been healed through that experience.

The sparkling chemistry of the lead actors draws viewers into their stories. Until this series reached the top 10 foreign language TV programs on Netflix in 14 countries around the world. And it has been in the rankings for 3 consecutive weeks with a total of 14.3 million hours watched worldwide. Especially in Thailand, which has become a word-of-mouth trend in the social world where fans Everyone said in the same voice that they finished watching 10 episodes in a row!

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#Mother of the trio in the tutoring area

crash romance

If you want to know if a normal mother How much effort does one have to put into the battle field of the South Korean university entrance exam? Introducing the series Quick Romance (A Crash Course in Romance) which tells the story of Nam Haeng Sun (played by Jeon Do Yeon), a former national handball player who currently runs a side dish shop. and having to deal with the competitive world of the South Korean education system When a girl wants to apply to the class of a famous math tutor, Choi Chee Yoon (played by Jung Kyung Ho) to prepare for the university entrance exam. Causing this, a meal shop owner, who does not give up easily, must engage with a top level tutor. Soon, their bittersweet love became scandalous because of Choi Chi Yeol’s reputation.

series Quick Romance (A Crash Course in Romance) approaching the final conclusion And it has continued to gain popularity, becoming one of Netflix’s top 10 foreign language TV programs in 19 countries around the world. And it’s still stuck like that for 4 weeks with a record viewing of up to 23.2 million hours.

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#From the chef industry to the mother of the royal palace


If you want to see the role of a new type of imperial wife Introducing the series Mr. Queen loves Longyuk chaotic Mr. Queen which presents the role of “Queen” who erases all the old memories by telling the story of Jang Bong Hwan (played by Kim Jong Hyun), a young chef who falls into a pit while escaping from the police in the modern era But he wakes up in the form of a royal consort of the Joseon Dynasty (played by Shin Hye Sun). And trying to find a way back to the present to go back to the old life

series Mr. Queen loves Longyuk chaotic Mr. Queen Wins the hearts of viewers with a funny story. Unconventional plot and the skill of the performers Especially the episode of the Queen who possessed the spirit of a young man in her body. Which creates entertainment that hooks viewers to the point that they are number 1 in the TV category in Thailand from the first week that is streamed on Netflix and is also among the top 10 foreign language TV programs on Netflix in 42 countries around the world.

#Plus, ends with the mother’s chef on the Thai side


Also at the end, because it’s not just the Korean side that’s hot with the trend of excellent female characters. But in Thailand, we also have the latest movies from Netflix. HUNGER Thirsty Hunger Games that raises the powerful role of the female lead By telling through the life of “Oi” (played by Design-Chutimon So Charoensuk Ying), the successor of the restaurant Rad Na – Pad See Ew on the side of the road. She decides to leave her family to join Hunger, the nation’s leading team of chefs led by the culinary genius Chef Paul. But she discovers the dark side of Chef Paul and the high-end food industry. How intense will the path of “Ole’s” life and dreams be? can wait to follow HUNGER Thirsty Hunger Games Scheduled to stream this April exclusively on Netflix.

What are some things that fascinate you? Go follow and collect all the classic works of mothers and mothers on Netflix!


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