5 practice A ‘new wave of COVID’ is starting to go viral. If you are infected with COVID, what should you do?

situation COVID 19 Ongoing cases were still found. The number of infected people continues to increase every week. ‘A new wave of COVID’ During the last week, 21-27 May 2023, there were 2,970 infections and 42 deaths.

‘Dr Thira’ Society Professor Dr Thira Worathanarat, Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University Facebook post Thira Woratanarat Suggest 5 ways to behave during ‘A new wave of COVID’ How should I act if addicted to covid and how to protect yourself

1. found to be infected they should be separated from others If infected, it should be isolated for at least 7-10 days until “Asymptomatic and negative ATK test.“With medical evidence from US and UK research, if infected and quarantined

5 days, there is a 50-75% chance of transmitting the virus.

7 days 25-30%

10 days 10%

but if “Not isolated” whether asymptomatic or less symptomatic It is very dangerous to infect others because COVID 19 There is a period of infecting others up to 2-3 days before symptoms appear.

especially nursing homes, educational institutions, child/elderly care facilities Including services that provide services to care for large numbers of people. the risk is high and leads to losses

The workplace should help each other to adapt their working environment to have ventilation. Be careful when eating together. and campaign to wear masks correctly on a regular basis

2. Constantly update information to keep up with the global epidemic situation. To be prepared to deal with changing situations in a timely manner.

3. find up-to-date information including vaccines, medicines and diseases By receiving news from foreign countries and sources of information that are reliable, identify sources and are verifiable.

4. realize the fact that COVID 19 still spreading around the world and the repeated explosions in Thailand, we are now due to dangerous behavior Not protecting the sample enough across different past holidays since the beginning of April Not the flu that spreads seasonally according to the fake news that spreads on social media.

Remember what has happened during the crisis of the last few years. and for what reason Anyone previously infected Should prevent re-infection. and regularly assess their own health If there is any suspicion of abnormality Long COVID Consult your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

5. live a conscious life Regular self-defense is normal. Wash your hands after handling public items. Do not share food with other people outside the home. distance from others and wear a mask properly when going out to live Whether going to school, working, or going on holiday.


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