5 questions with the tough end of Georgia Eli Wolf football, relocation of Rocky Top

The last of New Georgia Eli Wolf / graphic representation

ATHENS – Georgia Kirby Smart football coach is debated on the construction of another SEC championship roster, from a new influence, to junior college transfers and a variety of postgraduate transfers

Tennessee's former declaration and representative of the SEC Media Day Eli Wolf represents more than an orange splanche.

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It is hoped that Mac Tíre will play a key role in this season, or Smart did not use a 2020 scholarship to add it to the Bulldogs Top 5 roster.

The 6-foot, 4, 236-pound Wolf, the shoes of Isaac Nauta, will aim to fill a 6-4 NFL attitude, 240 pounds.

Tennessee, a team captain in Tennessee, offers the type of self-starter leadership characteristics Smart Looks in each of his people. In fact, the hunger and desire for Ohio improvements are well documented, as it has increased from walking status two years ago and found last 20 pounds of muscle in the championship run.

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Wolf took time for a question response session with DawgNation on a variety of topics after taking up the Bulldogs last Thursday:

Q: What is your Georgia attraction?

Wolf: Well, at first the interest was for all the obvious reasons you might expect. The championship qualification program, competing in the SEC, stored program, major facilities but I did not realize that my interest in Georgia is the people. A Smart Coach went on straight ahead and with the point why it was the first coach to call. They were looking for specific skills and losses of some key adventures that they were looking for experience if it was possible and that it was a great fit. The visit was amazing to me with 2 hours of chalice with the team and Jake (Fromm) and Charlie (Woerner) also met.

Q: What was the interaction with James Coley and Todd Hartley like?

A: I have no doubt and Coach Hartley and Coley Coach hit if the passion is for the game to be out of the charts. It could only be strengthened when I was in Athens to visit (January 27) and tried to achieve the different things you want to see the offense on the first hand and how to d & # 39; I looked into that plan. The Hartley Coach has a big record with intense ends, and I felt very comfortable around it. Big family man. Coley Coach has a lot of experience and is very innovative and enjoying our time and approach.

Q: How do you feel that you can help Georgia the next season?

Wolf: I feel that my strength is a tight man to move my ability, or get in touch with my dirt and support the game. I left the ball, which was back-to-back, blocked in space, and that Coley Coach and Hartley Coach were looking for. Not only does it meet the needs of Georgia, but it goes to my individual strengths that I was looking for, so I feel that the winkin would win us both. Obviously, the physical experience and development takes nothing at this level, and so my four years in this series, I will let me pick things much faster, handle the physical piece and be well suited in the firm end.

Q: What did you do from talking to Jake Fromm and Charlie Woerner?

Wolf: My time was Jake and Charlie amazing. They came after a morning duck hunt and we knocked it off. The most I did for our 20 minutes together was a laser focused and did not make a mistake but they had one thing, and that's going to compete for a championship. Very down to deep men who were very welcoming. The next two have a great future.

Q: Your older brother, Ethan, was chosen for Tennessee for 9 games and still orange blood. What do you react to choosing a rival school?

Wolf: I could not ask for a better model than Ethan, especially in the last four years. Yes, the things that belong to the field, but more importantly about how to do your business like pro. We have both permanent memories and both college college degrees. It also recognizes the importance of timing and opportunity and I know what I'm trying to achieve to close my college trip and which supports me more than ever.

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