5 reasons to do squats

The advantage of squats that you can do with your body without any special equipment is bigger than you think. [사진=게티이미지뱅크]

One of the most popular exercises is the squat. Usually, squats are a strength exercise to increase lower body strength. It is comfortable to do with the bare body without any special equipment, and you can add a load with dumbbells, etc. Find out about the various benefits of squats through the American science news media ‘Live Science’.

1. Build lower body muscles

international journal Studies have shown that squats can help build muscle in the lower body. This is because the back chains of the lower body (including the back, buttocks, back of the thighs, and calf muscles) are used together when you stand up from a sitting position. According to the British Journal of Sports Medicine, when you exercise with resistance, such as the squat, you build muscle.

2. Maintain body functions

Unintentionally, most of us do squats every day. According to research results, the sit-to-stand squat is a component of daily functional movements. It is one of the basic movement patterns we use in our daily life. Think of it as doing a squat every time you stand up from a sitting position or squat to grab an object that has fallen to the floor. It is a movement that you do frequently, and it is important to have adequate strength and strength to perform these movements throughout your daily activities.

3. Improve joint stability and posture

The purpose of squats is not limited to building muscle. Squat movement helps to inform proper movement patterns with correct posture and joint stability. There is also scientific evidence. According to one study, squats can improve bone mineral density (BMD). This adds strength to the bones and helps keep them strong. Another study found that squats are four times more likely to activate spinal muscles than planks. Spinal muscles are the muscles that help with standing up and help with correct posture.

4. Burn Fat

In addition to aerobic exercise, you can also lose weight through complex exercises such as squats. Resistance training (RT) exercises for weight management should focus on exercises that use large muscle groups and complex movements such as olympics, deadlifts, and squats. This type of combined exercise has been found to burn more calories because it requires ‘high oxygen use and hormonal response’.

5. Improves Flexibility

When doing squats, all muscles in the lower body are used. academic journal According to a study published in , the squat exercise is a closed kinetic chain exercise that includes the hip, knee, and ankle joints, so ‘not only stability of the lumbar spine, but also a significant level of hip and ankle mobility’ is required. .

As we age, our tendons, muscles, and ligaments lose their elasticity. But, according to Harvard Medical School, the squat is an effective stretch for the hamstrings that get stiff from sitting too much. As a result, the flexibility of the lower body is improved.

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