5 reasons why apples in autumn are good for our body

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The bright red apple of the autumn sunshine stands out most among fruits in September. Just by looking at the bright red apple, you can feel the sweet and sour taste. It is said that eating an apple in the morning is good for the body, and eating it with the skin is even better for health. Here are some changes that apples introduce to our body.

Apples are good for anti aging and skin whitening

Apples contain a lot of polyphenols It is an ingredient that prevents aging and makes skin white. Apples, a fruit from which polyphenols cannot be extracted separately, contain up to five times more polyphenols than fruits such as grapes. Polyphenol compounds prevent oxidation. Anti-cancer, whitening, anti-aging effectexcellent In particular, it prevents the absorption of cholesterol. lower cholesterol levels in the blood It also works.

Apples are good for asthma and lung health

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Apples are also known to be good for lung health in adults. Apples get rid of free radicals that have a bad effect on the human body antioxidant The properties indicate the disease prevention effect. If you eat a lot of fruit during pregnancy, your baby will have less asthma after giving birth. 4-5 a weekA study found that children of women who ate apples in the United States had a 50% lower incidence of asthma than children of women who ate less than one apple a week.

Apple satiety is good for a diet

Eating apples before meals can help you lose weight. If you eat a lot of fruit before a meal, you usually eat it for dessert. satietyIt is a principle that provides a little rice. Depending on the type of apple eaten, satiety and energy intake varies. Chewing apples with their skins reduces calorie intake compared to eating them in juice or another cooked form. 15% it will decrease to some extent.

Apples are good for preventing colon and rectal cancer and breast cancer

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contained in apples pectinmoney colon and rectal cancerPrevents and increases beneficial fatty acids. It is also abundant in red apples. polyphenols Ingredients enter the intestine while remaining in the large intestine. anticancer substance help produce the apple breast canceralso prevent in fruit, including apples. Phytochemicalsphenolic compounds known as flavonoidshas antioxidant and tumor suppressing growth effects.

Dietary fiber in apples is good for relieving constipation

Apples are also effective for constipation. Apple pectin is one of the dietary fibres, Dietary FibreAbsorbs fat that builds up when you eat meat and excretes it out of the body through feces. If you eat an apple on an empty stomach before breakfast, when bowel movements are active, you will not only get severe constipation. diarrhoeaalso effective The pectin component is skinBecause it contains more in apples, it is good to eat apples with their skins.

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